Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Moment #113: a writing prompt for your work-in-progress

(If you’ve already read this then skip past all the italicized blah-di-blah and start writing.) Monday Moments are writing prompts for your work-in-progress. They are questions that come from my experiences and are my favorite way to find out more about my characters. I find I learn a lot. Some of it I use. Some of it I don’t. But I always, always get to know my characters better just by answering the question. I hope you do too.)

This past week was a big birthday week in our family. On Wednesday we celebrated my youngest's 9th birthday (only one more year having a girlie with a single digit). And on Thursday we celebrated my dad's 60th, a special one for sure. 

We didn't do anything over the top, instead opting for lovely steak dinner at home with my family, and my brother's. 

There were wonderful gifts and cards (we'll get to the cards, or the card, in a moment).

This is a painting of my dad's Grandma Powers. It was painted from a photograph of her at the OTO Dude Ranch in Paradise Valley (MT) where she worked...with Dudes (my Great Grandpa Powers was one of those Dudes). 

Dude, how cool is that?

There was also a spectacular hit at the party... a card. 

Take a peek:

Here's my dad's face when he opened it up. 

Now notice how the wee ones are quick to gather. 

And what happened as the night went on? Take a look.

Oh my! What a bit of inappropriate fun.

You know, there are those times as kids when the adults let the door to adult humor open, just a crack. It's quite hilarious. And extremely memorable. I still remember my grandpa's 50th birthday cake that had a provocatively posed doll dressed in a see-through gown sitting on top of it. Sah-weet!

Now, I'm sure my girls and their cousins will remember their papa's 60th birthday card with the large boobs that vibrate to the beat of the stripper song (I hope they don't hum that diddy at school). 

What glimpses into the at-times-inappropriate adult world have your characters encountered?