Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Straight from, happy, happy, joy, joy...

To this!

Wah! Not happy at all. I suppose one's body can only go for so long, be pushed only so far before...


Yup. That's what I hit. Or that's what it felt like.

So, my day? Slow...propped up in on my lap...a little daytime TV...trying to rally and pull out some office hours away from the office. Now I'm blogging, hoping it will transition me to the revisions. Please!

But, when you get a chance to (achoo!) watch some daytime talk shows, you get to hear and see some things you wouldn't have otherwise...makeovers, talk show chat, the chance to see some great food prepared, wish someone could cook it for you, get some recipes.

Yum! How appetizing is this...

No? Not so much?

Did you know they are finding plastic in the stomachs of fish? The fish we eat because it's supposed to be good for us! That was my sick-day learning. I know I'll think about it each time I grab a bottle water before heading to the gym.


Laurie Thompson said...

Get better, Jolie! Someone has to make progress on their revisions (and it hasn't been me!). :)

Stephanie Perkins said...

Oh no!! I came over here to cheer you on, but maybe I should have brought NyQuil instead of my pom-poms.

I'm sorry you're sick! (And after such a glorious day of writing, too.) I hope you have a speedy recovery and take lots of naps and watch lots of trashy television.

And thank you for the nice comment on MY blog. I really needed to hear that.

We're so close!

Laini Taylor said...

Oh, jolie, I am so happy for your happy revising day yesterday -- it does sound glorious, and I know just the feelings you are describing! I love when I finally figure something out, but it can be weird too, like you have to ask yourself: why am I just now figuring this out? How did I not always realize that? Does that happen to you?

I am sorry you are sick today! Get better soon!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Hey, all! Thanks for all your well wishes on and offline. It's just a stupid cold, but that's enough to put a kink in all parts of life and be more than annoying.

Stephanie, look at that cute, new, sunshiney picture! I like it. And thanks for stopping by for the cheer. I actually prefer the pom-poms to the NyQuil which I guess is my desire to push through than to drink something that makes me pass out.

I guess the great writing day followed by the "thwap" of the getting sick is just one more high and low of the Revision Roller Coaster.

Laini, I had that very feeling of, how could I not know that, the other day when a couple of "ah-has" came to me, but then I kind of shoved it down thinking, No one has to know I didn't know "that" from the very beginning. My readers will hopefully feel it's all seamless, like it's ALL been there from the rough draft. Then I tell myself all the authors of my favorite books must have snowed me in the same way. Either that or else they are just author geniuses (cough-cough-Sid Fleishman). Yah, I know such smarty-pantses (is that how you make that word plural?) of storytelling do exist. A year or so ago, I heard John Green say that his novels end up 80% different from the final version. I keep info like that in mind when I'm trying to make myself feel normal in the writing department.

Me? Not so productive the last couple of days (more yesterday than today) but crossing my fingers I'm back to office hours tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Re: the plastic bottle dilemma-go get yourself a nice Sigg aluminum H20 bottle like I did. They come in lots of cute colors/designs, and they are good for the environment (you can even recycle them at the end of their life!)

Hope you are feeling better :)