Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Moment #41: A writing prompt for your work-in-progress

(If you’ve already read this, skip past all the italicized blah-di-blah and start writing.) Monday Moments are writing prompts for your work-in-progress. They are questions that come from my experiences and are my favorite way to find out more about my characters. I find I learn a lot. Some of it I use. Some of it I don’t. But I always, always get to know my character(s) better just by answering the question. I hope you do too.

Hey, yeah! That title looks different. More wordy.

Sometimes it takes 40 times to learn something (for me, at least). And to finally make a change. That's what happens after you (in this case I mean me) spend four hours with the social media savvy-one...Greg Pincus.

Put it in the title! Hey, good idea. These Monday Moments are writing prompts. Oh yeah. And they are for your work-in-progress (unless you have a different idea).

Thank you, Mr. Pincus.

I also bought my domain names! Have you? Because, if you're like me, you know you need to, but you haven't done it. Do it. Go on now, before it's too late (or maybe it already is).

What does you character finally get after 3, or 30, or 300 times of not getting it? Or, do they never get it? Or, are they already too late?

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