Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Do You Write with a Playlist? If you do, I want to hear from you!


Do you use a playlist when you write?

If you do, I want...no I NEED...to hear from you.

I'm giving a talk at SCBWI Western Washington in December. Whee! I'll be chatting about voice and using music to help get my ideas across (everything's better with music, yes?). I'm hoping your playlist (or a song from it) and your novel can help. BONUS: If it works for my talk, I'll ask the bookstore to carry your book (just in time for the holidays).

Anyone game?

Email me for more info at cuppajolie at gmail dot com.

I'm already so excited to hear from you and to have a bursting inbox (pleasepleaseplease) and be so veryveryvery torn on what to use!!!


Kelly H-Y said...

Oh gosh ... I've read about this on two blogs ... thinking, thinking ... I believe one of them was published author, Keri Mikulski. And, I'm so sorry ... I can't remember the other one at the moment. Good luck! Very exciting!

J. Elizabeth Mills said...

I write to soundtracks, generally--usually the instrumental kind. John Williams, James Horner, Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat. Moody, epic pieces work best for me.