Thursday, December 10, 2009

SCBWI Exclusive Conference Interview and Other Great Linksies

Jump over to Alice Pope's CWIM Blog for another conference exclusive with Tina Wexler, literary agent at International Creative Management (ICM).

While you're there, she has super interview with some super fly LA conference attendees. Take a read HERE. You don't want to miss their conference fashions (I'm not sure how I did when I was in LA).

Also, the second place cookie winner from the contest I judged the other night at the SCBWI WWA meeting has posted the recipe. Thanks to Holly Cupala for sharing, and for saying things about me that are as sweet as her delish cookies.

You can also find photos of the cookies which took home the prize for most-creative cookie. Not only were they beautiful, but they were yummy. Thanks for sharing, Lida! Go and look! And, Lida mentioned she'd soon post the recipe.

Now, we must work on that No. 1 cookie recipe winner, Chadwick! 'Cause those whoopie pies made me whoop with joy!


Sherrie Petersen said...

My husband has been up in Seattle this week, but he's bummed that with all the cold temps, he didn't get any snow.

Judging a cookie contest? Sounds yummy! Thanks for the recipe :)

Lida Enche said...

Hello! The "Crazy Face" recipe is now posted on my blog at

FYI - I tried linking to my blog from the link in yours, but it was not working.

Thanks!!! :)