Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday Moment #104: a writing prompt for your work-in-progress

Preparing for a big event is trying, exciting, overwhelming, and exhausting!

The big SCBWI Winter Conference in NYC is this weekend, and I fly away on Thursday morning. Really I need to leave on Wednesday night, given my distance from the airport. (Add to my to-do list: check with buddies to see if I can crash at their place on Wednesday night.)

What is it with big events? I'm so excited for it. Been looking forward to it. But there is SOOO much to do before I leave. And why do things always come up when preparing to leave town, like my hubby having to suddenly leave town and my kid getting pneumonia (Again! But she's already on the mend, so no worries.).

There's this massive build up of preparing to be out of town. There's also the preparation to be ready for the conference itself. How 'bout the laundry? Preparing the kids? Preparing those who will take care of the kids? Other work? Volunteer commitments? It's enough to make a person eat a whole plate of cupcakes, or just go to bed, or work until collapse, or a great opportunity for procrastination.

Me? I make lists. Lots of lists. And then start plugging through them. It feels so very lovely to cross things off. And I'm this close to hitting "publish post" so I can cross this Monday Moment off the list. Phew. Feels good!

How does your character react to the stress of preparing for a big upcoming event?


Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Oh, Jolie, I was loving this post until you made me try to figure out how my character would deal with preparing for a big event! Waaah! Well, actually, it's a darn good question. Hmmm. I'll think about that.

And as far as lists, yeah, I'm a big list-maker as well. (And I always write one thing on the list that I've already done that day, so that I can cross it off. It makes me feel like I'm already on my way to getting all those things done. (I've been known to write "write list" just so I have something to cross off!)

See you very soon (once I get all these things crossed off my list!)


Laura said...

I'm big on lists too, except I make them and then lose them. Or I think about things that need to be on the list but then I never write them down. LOL!

I'll have to think more about how my character would react. That's a great thing to ponder.

Have fun at the conference. One of these years I am going!! (hello...lottery Gods...are you listening?)


Unknown said...

Leaving Thursday night (red-eye) from LA. See you there!

Dawn Simon said...

Have a blast in NYC!

Sorry to hear your little one got pneumonia again, but I'm glad she's on the mend.