Wednesday, December 10, 2008

La La Lasso!

That's right. The La La Lasso will be awarded to one fine friend for accomplishing something, anything in December. Last week took me off course a bit, but I'm getting back on. But lots of you posted December La La goals. Keep 'em coming. To accomplish anything this month is fabulous, even if it's writing your holiday letters and sending out cards. Go ahead. Post away. The more the merrier.

When I saw the lovely Holly Cupala the other evening (remember, I told you I'd tell you about this) she said she meant to bring me something. A thank you of sorts. A yummy one at that. Want to know what she had for me but forgot? Cherry Caramels. Really! How sweet is that?

But here's what happened. As we were in a long line of massive people buying Martha Brokenbrough's book, there were the caramels sitting in a cute, little box. And that Holly grabbed 'em up and said, I'm getting them for you. Then away I sailed on my ferry, after a really great night with friends, with a box of caramels sitting in the passenger seat. I only ate one (honest)--I had to see what they tasted like for goodness sake--because the rest will motivate me through the work (my La La goals), just like they've done for Holly.

I'm now in search of the perfect licorice rope to serve as the La La Lasso; a treat to pass onto one of you, just as Holly did for me with her caramels. A sort of paying it forward with candy!


holly cupala said...

Love it! Paying it forward with candy - that's the best idea I've ever heard.

Well, on the 20k goal, so far I've chipped away just shy of 20%, according to the excel pie chart. (Don't you love pie charts?? They make me think of...pie!) The La La Lasso is at my back!

Jaime Temairik said...

Holly, do you really use an excel pie chart?!?

Jolie, I think you could find a licorice lasso at the Confectionery in U Village maybe.

I want it. I have some dummy making goals for December and I'll do just about anything for candy.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

My La La goal is to eat as much as I can - maybe even gain 5 lbs! Im going for the goal. Seriously - I am finishing line edits on my book to send out on Jan 5th :) YUmmy caramels. I love those littel cow tails.

holly cupala said...

Here it is, Jolie - totally wicked:

Scroll down to Pastel Licorice.

I speak Candy fluently, and this stuff is to die for.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Isn't amazing what a little candy can do?

CocoaStomp Jaime...I can't believe I was just down at U Village and didn't think to walk into Confectionery. I was on a serious search for a cupcake ornament to decorate a certain little birthday gift. Confectionery probably would have had the ornament and the licorice rope.

Holly...holy candy heaven! And how 'bout those cinnamon licorice reindeer?...very appropriate for December. I have a big decision to make about the licorice and the recipient!