Thursday, May 27, 2010

Serioulsy, June! Quick sneaking up on me like that!

It can't just be me. But I'm feeling it. Are you? The month of June's edging it's way around the corner. The lure of a long holiday weekend is here, but then's June.


ONLY THREE MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!?! (sorry for the yelling)

I know I'm not the only one feeling this creeping up. So, some of you may recall that last year, the lovely Holly Cupala and I joined forces with our Summer Revision Smackdown. It was something we both needed and we used it to push each other. But then it organically turned into this much bigger thing, which included so many of you.

Alas, both Holly and I are in different stages of the writing process right now (although, I will admit, I am dealing with another revision). Ms. Cupala has a BIG event coming up...the release of her debut, TELL ME A SECRET. An exciting June for her to be sure.

As for me, I have two projects I need to crank on. And I reallyreallyreally need these next few weeks. How 'bout you? Anyone out there need to join forces to get 'er done before the kiddos are home for the summer? I have a little somethin' cookin' up in me brain. Let me know, because if you do...I'll share more soon.


Amber Lough said...

Yes! What was up with May? Where did it slink off to?

Cuppa Jolie said...

I just KNEW someone would understand, Amber! Thanks for making me feel like someone is sitting with me on this sinking May ship! She's going down!

Here's to rockin' it out in June!(oh, and today!)

Martina Boone said...

Seriously. Amen, though. I teach elementary school and I can't wait to conquer my writing/blogging with my partner-in-crime, Martina. I'm completely looking forward to a much more open schedule! Congrats to Holly!


Laura said...

It's already too late for me. The little one is out of preschool and the older one only has a week left. There will be camps, which will give me a little bit of writing time, but it wil never be enough.

So write!! Write like the wind while you still have time!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Marissa - Ah, yes! I know there is another side to the coin (that used to be my side too). Let the countdown begin.

Laura - There are many (I'm sure) in the boat that has already gone down. And, hey! The wind has been a blowin' here, so I will ride it while I can. :)

Myrna Foster said...

Mine will be done in less than a week, but good luck with yours!

Michèle Griskey said...

Jolie and everyone,

I am middle of a first draft of my latest project. My boys finish school on June 18th, so I'm ready for a final push.

I love the energy!

Martha Brockenbrough said...

We only have seven school days left--and one of them is a half-day.


My goal is to be done with my revision after the first weekend in June. Then the rest of the month is all about imagining my next novel. Doesn't that sound like more fun than plotting?

Oh, and I will be querying agents, too.

holly cupala said...

Ah, thank you for the shout-out, Jolie! Happy June and much productivity to you - I wonder if there are any Smackdowners still out there?