Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Moment #91: a writing prompt for you work-in-progress

(If you’ve already read this then skip past all the italicized blah-di-blah and start writing.) Monday Moments are writing prompts for your work-in-progress. They are questions that come from my experiences and are my favorite way to find out more about my characters. I find I learn a lot. Some of it I use. Some of it I don’t. But I always, always get to know my character(s) better just by answering the question. I hope you do too. )


I'm a sucker for cake. Actually anything with frosting. Cookie, cupcake, cake...if it's covered in frosting, I can't resist.

That's said, not so much if it's chocolate. I know, all you many chocolate lovers out there, you think I'm nuts!  I too like chocolate, but not quite like you. And not in my frosting.

Fresh off my birthday has me thinking about cake. About how as we get older we settle into our favorite and tend to have a certain "kind" for our special day. I'm fairly certainly this doesn't just apply to my family and friends. You too, right?

Me? I'm Angel Food with Seven-minute (never-fail frosting).

My hubby: Carrot Cake
My dad: Cheese Cake
My mom: Chocolate on Chocolate
My brother: Chocolate with Brown Sugar frosting
My daughers: still working it out

I'm sure each of those cakes speaks a bit about who we are (each certainly would in a novel, right?). I'm mean, I'm Angel Food with seven-minute frosting, angelic and sweet at to my core.  :)

How about your main character? What's their favorite cake and what does it say about who they are?


Jane Makuch said...

For me it's yellow cake with buttercream frosting and a steaming cup of coffee...umm!
As far as my characters, all my protagonists love the same as me and all the "bad, evil" antagonists like devil's food with chocolate frosting and a glass of milk.

Anonymous said...

MMMMmmmm.... dark chocolate cake w/seven-minute icing!