Monday, January 12, 2009

Monday Moments: Prompts for our Works-in-Progress

At the end of last week, I dangled a carrot. (Yah, go ahead and call me a tease.) I told you to come back on Monday for a new Cuppa Jolie feature.

And here you are! So, here it goes.

Not too long ago, after one of my big holiday-eating binges, I wrote a post about traditions. I mentioned that often events and situations in my life make me think about my characters. Often, when I do, the thoughts (or writings) have brought about great scenes or details that make my writing/character stronger.

I'd love to start sharing these thoughts that turn to prompts with you each Monday (just like in the tradition post). Perhaps, I'm doing this for myself, but I'm hoping you'll come along for the ride.

Now introducing...
The Monday Moments image was illustrated by my eight-year-old girlie. Thank, Sweet Girl.

Each Monday I'll give you a bit of the background as to what brought about the particular thought, present a free-write prompt, and then we all just go for it. Yes? Yes! What would be fantastic is if you all share if you used it (or plan to), or even better if you post what came of it (the actual writing or how it went). I'm not sure I'll ever be brave enough to post the actual writing, but some of you may be (I hope).

Here's to what I hope is many Monday Moments with you!

Now to kick it off...

This week I had critique group. I LOVE critique group. Not only does this talented group of writers give me great feedback, but we have a great time sharing and chatting about reading, writing, and life. I'm not sure what took us to this particular subject, but a fellow critique group member told us a story about herself as a child reader.

Marion loved the library and books. She could only check out a few books at a time, but she got to know her librarian, and, more importantly, her librarian got to know her. Eventually she could check out as many books as she wanted and her librarian would have suggestions for her (the best kind of librarian).

Marion had a favorite reading spot--her bed. But she would always read with her feet at her pillows and her head facing the foot, all propped up on her elbows, lost in her books. She read so much and so often that she wore faded circles into her bedspreads (the reason they had to be replaced) where her elbows rested.

Don't you love that? Can't you just picture the faded, thread-bare circles surrounded by a pretty girlish fabric?

So here's the first prompt. What "mark" has your character made in their room (or other personal/important space) that speaks volumes about who they are?

My hope is that you'll take the prompt, let yourself free write (even if it's just five minutes...those five can turn into 30), and see where it takes you in hopes that a new tidbit will be revealed about your character or story. Let me know.


Martha Brockenbrough said...


This was REALLY REALLY helpful. Such good timing you have. My character just went back into her house for the first time after her untimely death... so she'd notice things like this.

Thanks! xoxoxoxo

holly cupala said...

That's an excellent start! My character left a very vivid mark in her room when she left it for the last time.

Yay for Monday Moments! Now it's time for Tuesday 'Top T'at Trocrastination! (me, anyways.)

Kirby Larson said...

I should know better than to have a CuppaJolie right before bedtime -- all that caffeine!

But, while I was tossing and turning, I thought of one important mark my character had made on his room. And I incorporated it into a scene I wrote today.

Grazie mille!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Yay...yay...yay...I'm so glad this worked for you. Especially you three. At first I was wondering if maybe it would only be something useful for me.

I'll post another on Monday. :)