Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baby Bird Book and Tweeting

Today, walking up the sidewalk on my way to The Vault, there was a mom and her daughters (I assume) following right behind me. They were having a conversation about books. Love it! The smaller girl couldn't have been more than three. She was very wee with a high and sweet voice.

Mom: I don't remember the author of that book.
Little girl: Baby birds. Baby birds.
Mom: You want a book about baby birds.
Little girl: Yes.

Then I had to go in the door. But that little conversation made me want to stay and listen to more.

And, since I'm on the subject of birds...


I've been thinking about tweeting...on Twitter. (how 'bout that transition) Not thinking about doing it, because I already am. But thinking about it.

I ate an early lunch at home today. While I devoured my Gardenburger, topped with pepper jack and granny smith apples (cuz I'm sure you want to know), I watched a bit of Ellen. P Diddy Combs (Puff Daddy, Sean Combs, whatever his name is at the moment) was talking about Twitter and how he has, like, the biggest following of anyone on Twitter with a 100,000 followers. Now, I'm sure he has a lot, but I'd love to know if that's really the most of all the many Tweeters out there. But then, I felt a bit jealous of his enormous following when I know that people "tweet" not "twit" on Twitter. Right? He should know that if he has the "biggest" following.

So, new goal....catch up with Diddy. Help me make my way to 100,000 followers. And, stop laughing. Just because I'm no where near 100 (or even 25 for that matter), I'm spreading the word now. Cuppa Jolie is tweeting over at Twitter. Come and following me HERE.

I realize this means I need to get better at it. I think tweeting works when you do it often. And it especially works when you're doing cool stuff and at cool places, like the SCBWI Conference in LA this August, and part of SCBWI Team Blog--which I am! So get an early jump, 'cause I'll be tweeting all over the place while I'm there.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Diddy is definitely "twitting," not tweeting. Also, CNN news has the most followers. Britney Spears has 300-some thousand. Diddy! So! Puffy! In the Head!!!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ha! I knew that couldn't be true. Ooh...I'll catch that Diddy. Just watch my number of followers grow. Although, I've yet to add one today. Maybe I need to be on the Ellen show to do that?