Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Moment #12

I've been buried in birthday festivities and nuttiness that won't end until tomorrow night. While great fun, it's also great work, and full of a great number of calories. Three days of birthday cake and celebration eating means I need extra Bodypump classes--like, probably three a day for the next three weeks.

Now wait, just so you know, it's not my birthday but today my baby (MY BABY!) is seven. And tomorrow, my dad is, well...he'll be a year older than he is today. Yesterday, to celebrate both birthdays, we had a big family celebration with people over for a BBQ (thank you, Weather, for cooperating) and cake number one (chocolate with brown sugar frosting). Today, nine girls will take over the casa with their high voices and big laughs for the "friend" party, which means I must be on my toes. The cake? Again chocolate, this time covered with pink frosting, Sweet Tart polka dotted sides, and a Littlest Pet Shop Birthday scene on top. Later, per the birthday girl's request--pizza. Tomorrow, for the dad, it's a steak and garlic mashed potatoes dinner followed up with cheesecake.

Oh, I know. Great goodness of yummy food but holy guacamole, the calorie intake will be ree-dunk-u-lous and go straight to my trunk-u-lous!

Where's this going? And what, at all, does it have to do with the next Monday Moment? Well, since birthdays are on the brain, let's go there. Memorable birthdays. One you wish you could forget. Favorite parts. Everything in between.

I'll contrast two of mine for you. At fifteen I was new to the Seattle area and hating it. The only thing I remember about my fifteenth birthday was my horrifying haircut. New to the area, my mom didn't know where to take me. I think we went to Fantastic Sam's and it was NOT fantastic. NOT! The hair-butcherer cut my bangs so short, and, well, you can imagine the visual (too bad I can't easily dig out that photo!). But at sixteen, while it was full of much loveliness, my most vivid memory of that day is walking into the bathroom to find a Happy Birthday message scrawled in lipstick across the bathroom mirror from my mom.
What is a vivid birthday memory or detail (big or small) experienced by your main character?


Anonymous said...

I love your Monday Moments! Thinking about the prompt is such a great way for me to return to work after the family chaos (i mean activities) of the weekend.

I know many people who truly detest birthday celebrations. While i have had the full range (glorious and hideous), i still love to pull out the candles and make a wish - every year.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

My 30th. My fiance had just called off our wedding and I had moved back to atlanta on my own. My friends got together and took me to a concert at this outdoor area with champayne, and music, and a table. It was awesome.

Angie Frazier said...

I love the image of that lipstick memo :-) My favorite birthday memory is from when I was 12 or 13, and my father had just peeled down the sides of the ice cream box to cut slices of ice cream for my friends (use a spoon? No way, that would be way too normal!). A fly buzzed down onto the ice cream, and right in front of everyone my Dad hacked the fly in two with the blade of the knife, burying it in the ice cream. Horrifyingly hilarious!

Thanks for letting me dredge up that memory today!