Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday Moment #30

Well, this past week as been in a word...FULL. I think I could come up with several, no...more than several moments to explore. Now, how to choose?

We are currently on the road, so this Monday Moment comes to you from Idaho (just outside of Coeur d'Alene). Let me say first that this trip has contained lots and lots of family fun, even though a great focus of it has been about loss.

We journeyed to Missoula, MT to say a final goodbye to my father-in-law. It was wonderful to be with family in this beautiful state. Unfortunately, during this time, our seven-year-old girlie experienced loss of another sort: she lost her Woofers.

Woofers is that special stuffed pet. She's never had a blanket or a binky or any such thing since she was a baby...she had Woofers.

Actually prior to Woofers (also known as Woof Woof) she had my arm. For comfort she always wanted to rub my arm (a sleeved arm) sandwiching her hand been my skin and sleeve. It often irritated her when I didn't wear sleeves. Well, as you can imagine, this couldn't continue... for my own sanity purposes, especially when it was time to go to bed. So when she was ten months old we set out to find that special stuffed animal that she could attach to so that I could have my arm back.

While the transition was slow, and I've often wondered through the years if she would one day return from college and upon hugging her mom she would slide her hand up my sleeve to rub my arm, she loves her Woofers and sleeps with her each and every night. So, of course, Woofers made the trip to Montana with us. But, at some point, Woofers was no where to be found. She thought she left Woofers on the bed, but then she was gone. There were several dogs in the house, and it's quite possible one of them took her and stashed her, but WE SEARCHED AND SEARCHED AND SEARCHED, because Woofers (dogs or no dogs) should be in that house somewhere.


You can imagine, this has been loss on a major level. We have had tears daily (even though we know there is still a good chance Woofers could turn up).

It's a reminder that, in certain situations, physical items can carry the same weight as family and friends. They are just that important. And, we would be devastated to lose them.

What material object does your character have the they would be devastated if they lost? Or maybe they do...
UPDATE: We received word that Woofers has been found. She was under some raspberry bushes, dirty, but all right. We have one happy little girlie!

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Tara McClendon said...

My character has a necklace. She doesn't lose it persay, but it factors into her story. IRL, my kiddo has a green puppy, Carnie.