Thursday, August 6, 2009

Revision Tips Galore

If you missed the Summer Revision Smackdown at the blogs of Holly Cupala and Jolie Stekly, don't fret - here is the lowdown on the fabulous array of revision tips they gathered from the cream of the author and illustrator crop (plus a few publishing experts!):

  • Jill S. Alexander, YA Historical Author, on revising to immerse your reader in the mosh of your story
  • Molly Blaisdell, Picture Book, Middle Grade, NF, and YA Author, on analyzing your manuscript for revision
  • Nathan Bransford, Curtis Brown Agent, on his Revision Checklist
  • Janet Lee Carey, Fantasy & Middle Grade Author, on the Dream Mind and the Day Mind
  • Bruce Coville, Middle Grade and YA Author, on pruning out overused words and phrases for a tighter manuscript
  • Sarah Beth Durst, YA Fantasy Author, on powering through first drafts and revising one aspect at a time
  • Tina Ferraro, YA Author, on organizing the revision strategy
  • Liz Gallagher, YA Author, on becoming a stranger to your work
  • Stacey Goldblatt, YA Author, on revision must-haves (hint: bulletin board, playlist, time to read)
  • Lorie Ann Grover, YA Verse Novel and Board Book Author, on giving your book the gift of one day
  • Brent Hartinger, YA Author, on setting your work aside and letting the subconsious take a crack at revision problems
  • Kjersten Anna Hayes, Illustrator, on brainstorming, parachuting, and embracing the spirit of play
  • Justina Chen Headley, YA Author, on being gentle with yourself but hard on your work
  • Kelly Holmes, Author and YAnnabe blogger, on creating a plot board
  • Carrie Jones, YA & YA Fantasy Author, on steps to revise your Stupid Novel Masterpiece
  • Beth Kephart, YA & Adult Author, on reading and rewriting for authenticity
  • Kirby Larson, YA Historical Author, on taking walks and letting your mind make unexpected connections
  • Realm Lovejoy, Graphic Novel Author/Illustrator, on writing, surfing, and "just do it" mode
  • Vivian Mahoney, Writer and HipWriterMama blogger, on breaking your project down into manageable chunks
  • Robin Mellom, Writer and Disco Mermaid, on notes for the second draft
  • Edward Necarsulmer IV, Children's Director at McIntosh & Otis Literary Agency, on how to "wow" him with a submission
  • Catherine Onder, Editor at HarperCollins, on keeping your prose immediate and direct
  • Darcy Pattison, Picture Book, Middle Grade, and Novel Metamorphosis Author, on making opening pages immediate and active
  • Mitali Perkins, YA Author & between-cultures blogger, on BIC and other strageties to get through the very hard first draft to revision
  • Paul Schmidt, Illustrator, on striking the balance between perfection and sponteneity
  • Joni Sensel, YA and Middle Grade Fantasy Author, on creating tension by adding interruptions and diversions
  • Emily Wing Smith, YA Author, on staring down self-doubt
  • Kristin O'Donnell Tubb, Middle Grade Author, on using Darcy Pattison's shrunken manuscript technique
  • Melissa Walker, YA Author, on just saying "no" to too much revision
  • Paula Yoo, YA Author, on cutting the final paragraph for a crisper manuscript

Other cool stuff:

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Hopefully these tips will tide you over until next year's Summer Revision Smackdown. We hope to see you!


Tara McClendon said...

Thanks for the links. I missed most of the summer smackdown, so this is great!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Wow, this is an amazing list! Thanks for putting it together