Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Crack Your W-I-P: One week to go!

What? Huh? How?

I hope you're thinking that very same thing.

If you are signing in on Laini's Mr. Linky list, today's the day.

Knowing it's the last week, I had to look at what my goal was in the beginning. Initially I said 21,000 words. Then I was inspired by Laini and I said 25,000 words. But, HELLO, I only have 8000. Yikes.

Okay, I won't complain about those 8000 words but I'd like to inch closer to the initial goal, at least. A 13,000 word week? Possible? Especially during a week when there's much going on? Sure. Why not. Might as well believe I can, right? If I don't believe I can, then I can't. 'Nuf said.

I smell a 5K challenge day coming on. Anyone out there interested? Come on. It will be fun. Really, it will. So, if you think you might be even a little interested, let me know and we'll try and get a day scheduled.

How's it going for you today?


Yat-Yee said...

Whoa! I don't think I have a 5 k day anytime soon. But go for it! I'll crack the whip for you if you like. :)

Snow day today but thank goodness a neighbor called and invited my kids over to build a fort at their front yard. I sent over a big chunk of chocolate torte that my 9year old insisted on baking "all by herself" *Mom rolls eyes* this morning.

So today I'm still in revision but am rewriting a scene completely, so I'll have a word count at the end of the day.

Wait, my word verification says SCARETH. What is it trying to tell me?

Yat-Yee said...

1727 words today! Feels good. Now I will go outside in this gorgeous snow-covered, blue sky, Colorado day and retrieve my children.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Today was nuts, so I only made 500 words before I had to dash out of the house for a meeting-packed day. But there might be time for tonight...

A 5,000-word day sounds delightful, but I find if I disembowel myself like that, it's hard to keep going the next day. So, I'm just going to keep plugging at my usual pace, while madly cheering for you to have a 5,000-word day.

Myrna Foster said...

8K is still quite a lot for three weeks, especially if you hit another 13 this next week.

I hit my weekly goal for the first time this month! Now, if I can just carry that over to finish my draft in the next week.

Jane Makuch said...

Jolie, I've been thinking and thinking about a 5K day ever since you first mentioned it and I'm all for it! I will be your 'wingman' and I know we can do it... I'm thinking sometime in early to mid April?

Cuppa Jolie said...

Way to go on all your successes! Woot woot!

And thanks for the 5K support, if I choose to go for it.

Jane, maybe in April. Seems my only POTENTIAL day to to make it happen this month is TODAY! Holy word count! I don't know about that.