Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spurts! Writing Where You Can, When You Can!

How are you getting the writing done this summer?

I mentioned in yesterday's GO OFF in July post that I'll be doing much of my writing in spurts and bursts. The writing will happen when it can, where it can. (Ah, how I miss my coffee houses!)

This morning my office will be the orthodontist waiting room. Inspiring space, no?

But I do have on lovely space which gives me 30 solid minutes of focused time four days a week. Take a peek...

Monday - Thursday my girls have swimming lessons at this lovely pool with a view of a bay on Puget Sound. When the girls are taking lesson, I'm eyes in my notebook, knowing the girls are safe with their instructor. Then I take another 30 minutes to watch them swim while I let the wheels between my ears turn (or I just take in the loveliness of it all).

This weekend my notebook will be packed along with graham crackers, Hershey bars, and marshmallows for a weekend of camping. And it will be used.

How do you get to your writing in the busy and distracting summer months?


holly cupala said...

Ha, look at your cute purple toes! I'm wearing exactly the same color, inspired by that SCBWI WWA pedi. ;)

Who can write when the weather is this fabulous? I'm super impressed you do...

Sara Easterly said...

Looks amazing and definitely inspiring. I just may have to hop on the ferry to distract, er, I mean, join you!

Kirby Larson said...

I bought a desk fan that definitely makes my upstairs office more bearable. . .but last night, I sat on the patio, going through research notes and sipping a G&T. I highly recommend that!