Friday, August 22, 2008

Pour Me Another Cup

I love it here! So many of you told me I’d be addicted, and I am. I really am. It’s almost as bad as coffee.

Thank you for welcoming me so very warmly! That’s really what makes it addictive, friends coming by to visit all day long. So tell me, is this how it always starts? Everybody drops by and you get all excited, but then they all slowly fade away until no one comments any more? I hope not. I like your company! I have the feeling that not only will my hubby say, I'm on the bean, but he'll have a new one for me and say, I'm on the blog!


Laurie Thompson said...

We're still reading, even if we're not commenting. Don't worry, you're friends will never reject you (or unsubscribe). :)

Annie said...

Congrats on the launch of the blog. I will visit! Guess what I was drinking when I logged on??? A honey and cinnamon latte in my "All Things Considered" mug.
Connecticut is hot and tomorrow is the first day of school--I miss Seattle...and I want to go to the Vault!


Blackjack Player said...

Many thanks.