Friday, August 22, 2008

Pour Me a Cuppa Jolie

Today’s the day. The official launch of the Cuppa Jolie blog. The inaugural breaking of the champagne bottle. The breaking ground. The big plunge. The cutting of the ribbon.

Maybe in this case, it’s the pouring of the cup—the Cuppa Jolie! Okay, get on with it already.

Just like that, a person (like me) decides they want a blog and can have one. How ‘bout that? Just give it a name, type in a few words, and wahlah, it’s mine! Cuppa Jolie. Whether someone wants to read it or not. Yikes. Both are scary thoughts. Do I want people reading (especially ones I know) these posts? I guess that would be a yes and a no. I don’t exactly want a blog that no one wants to read, and yet the people I know (and like) will be reading all my random thoughts (good, bad, and ugly).

So, thank you, Jim Di Bartolo, Laini Taylor, and Jaime Temairik for being my blog pushers. These lovely people gave me a shove into the Blog World. So, guys, you asked for it, but did you really know what you were asking for? And, I have to wonder, why? Did the three of you want me to hop on the blog wagon with all of you or did you actually think I would have something interesting to say? And, don’t lie. Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s because when you put my name in one of your posts, you could only link to a dull bio or nothing at all.

If you plan to read on, now or in the future, you should know the following: I’m super good at skipping words, misspelling words, and goofing up punctuation. But there is no way I could blog if I had to also proof and edit. So, my posts are what they are. If my goofs will bug you, this is not the place to be, but if my humanness (or my screw ups) is cool with you, then yay, I hope you visit often.

The plan for this crazy little blog is as the description reads: Books. People. Coffee. Because, ahhh! I love them all.

I love to read ‘em. Write ‘em. And truly, I love the people who write ‘em, edit ‘em, design ‘em, agent ‘em, and read ‘em. Book people rock!

They fascinate-charm-captivate me. I think that’s why I’m drawn to do the things I am. I love, love, love to people watch, but not in a creepy way. I like to think of it as in a scholarly way. I pay attention to what people do, how they react, and always think about why. The why is the best part. Many times, that’s where story comes from (at least for me).

I can’t start my day without it. I’m a caffeine junkie. Okay, I’m not exactly out of control. But my hubbie does say, I’m on the bean. He’s right and I have no plans to get off. My favorite place to write is in a coffee house with all its glorious white noise and busyness. And, hey, what better place to people watch. I get all my favorites in one place.

Cheers! I raise my cup to clink with all my fellow bloggers and blog readers. I’m happy to be here. Ching!

In the next few days you can look forward to an interview with the lovely Laini Taylor, as well as my first Baristas and Books post where I’ll feature two of the baristas from my number one top writing spot, The Vault.

Time to go and refill my cup.


Laurie Thompson said...

Hurray! So glad to see you finally made it here. I'll be reading, and loving every word. :)

Anonymous said...

Yay, Jolie! Congratulations on taking the plunge! Once you get in the habit, it's a little addictive. :)


Unknown said...

Love it! I can't wait for more Cuppa Jolie (-:

Anonymous said...

Yay Jolie! I love it! Will be bookmarking it, and checking on you every day (or hour, depending on if Zoe is napping). Congrats :)

kevan atteberry said...

Nice, Jolie! You are so darn cute in that photo! Ha!

Just a note about your BOOKS section . . . what about the people that ILLUSTRATE them???

:^) kevan

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ah, thanks, Kevan (but I'm not sure about that "ha" at the end).

But now I feel bad. You know I LOVE the ones who illustrate 'em. I'm sorry I left 'em out. Never again! Promise.

SCBWI said...

Welcome to the the blog world. If you're anything like me, you'll be hooked fast! I love blogging. There are day I wish I could do it all day long.

Consider your(blog)self bookmarked.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful treat after lo these many years to get to read something you wrote... I wonder if blogs are kind of like garage sales: if your friend is having one can you just bring over a couple items you want to sell without having to have a full blown sale of your own? I'm hoping that your pluck and insights will inspire the river of words that I hope is somewhere in my head (or perhaps my elbows) to flow out of me. Ideally by September 1st. Thank you on advance (see? I'm already thinking positive). I will visit often... especially when procrastinating :-)

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Hey Jolie - welcome to the blog world. It's as addictive as caffeine and I drink a pot a day! (OK it's decaf - I can't have my pot (coffee pot - ok?) and my caffeine too.) As the mom of a barista and perhaps one of the few women who can make old fashioned Swedish style coffee that really will curl your hair, or maybe your lips, I love the coffee theme. Love the books too, of course. Best wishes on your BLOG.

Jim Di Bartolo said...

Hey! Welcome at long last Jolie! Due to popular demand, eh? :)

What's funny is that when I got to your blog I too had a giant white cup of coffee up to my mouth and for a split second I thought "Hey! Is that me?" (ok, not really ;)

Glad to see you the other day and I look forward to your interview with my wife! What secrets will be unleashed upon the world!??!!


Laini Taylor said...

Welcome, Jolie, at long last! Yay! Love the coffee angle. I am drinking it right now -- my small evening cup. With hopes of getting some writing done, since the day has been. . . less than productive. Great to see you & the girls the other day; love the interview questions -- I will try to do them justice!


Anonymous said...


I like how thoughtful and heartfelt your bio bits are until the last one which is like reading a bad medical bracelet.

SO GLAD you are blogging! Can't wait to read Laini's interview. I'm going to drink my half decaf cuppa and read Cuppa Jolie everyday!

xo Jaime