Sunday, August 31, 2008

Time to Hit the Books

Tomorrow’s the big day! Not only for the kids heading back to school (including my two girlies), but me too!

So, welcome back, kids! Hopefully your first day won’t involve a tattooed bully with a scrawny wingman trying to steal your only nut!

Illustration by my eight year old girlie.
(Thanks for allowing me this Kathy Lee Gifford moment. If they ever get out of hand, please blog slap some sense into me. I happen to have a kiddo who draws and draws and draws some more. Often times I find one that cracks me up. So when that happens, I may share it with you, too.)

The fact that I’m happy about school's return, well, I’ll only feel bad about it for a minute. It’s only been five seconds? Oh, well! I’m happy already. Yippee!

Hello, Routine.
Hello, Consistent Writing Time.
Heeeelloooo, Daily Latte (because when my office hours are held at The Vault, not only do I get things done, but I get a latte)!

I welcome the schedule that will come my way tomorrow (even though it means I can't drink my morning coffee as liesurely). It means writing time five days a week (for sure) instead of this getting-it-where-I-can way of summer.

I’m hoping (NO, I’m SURE) it will mean I’ll finally finish my revision which I started back in May. Probably a taste of what’s to come from this blog…a whole lotta revision angst that I hope you’ll help see me through.

This morning (as I sipped my cup o' coffee) I picked up Stephen King's ON WRITING. It's a great book to have on hand when your in my current situation, which is in a state of lacking must-reads in my queque. Well, there are plenty in my mental queque but none waiting for me on my nightstand. This is what happens when you get only one book from the library, in my case Sara Zarr's SWEETHEARTS, and then devour it bit by bit in a day's time. Today, I must make my way back to my local library, a Carnegie Library btw, to restock. Anyone else have the treat to visit a Carnegie Library on a regular basis?

Question: What do you do when you read a book and something rings similar to what you are currently working on (a scene, a situation, a name)? For example, in SWEETHEARTS, there is a key character named Cameron Quick. In the book I'm working on I have a character named Kameron Keller. Hmm. Please tell me how you get past these discoveries.


Anonymous said...

What is a Carnegie Library? How do you know if you have one??

I love back to school time! Even though I'm not in school, nor is Zoe close to being in school, I get excited just watching the "Back to School" commercials on TV :)

Austin said...
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Cuppa Jolie said...

Austin, I actually don't know exactly how Kameron Keller came to me. I know Kameron (with a K) came to me first and when it came to giving him a last, Keller rolled off the tongue and I like the the two hard K sounds together (honestly, the name also seemed "sexy" and that's something I wanted too). But funny you know a Kameron Keller. I only know the one in my book. I'm guessing your friend's first name is also spelled with a K?

Carnegie libraries were all built by money donated by Andrew Carnegie between 1883 and 1929, so they're all older buildings. Here's a link to the one in PT.

I couldn't find the image of the one from Livingston, MT (where I grew up). But they are neat old buildings!


Austin said...
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