Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Moment #26

I hope everyone had a happy and save 4th!

Mine, so. The funnest part was not even Fourth of July like: we launched a new Bodypump. I love launches. They're high energy and lots of fun. This time around I took Bodystep. Then taught Bodypump (the hardest one yet). Then took Bodyflow. Loved it! From then on, the rest of the day was quiet--except for all the loud bangs and booms later in the evening. My fam decided to just stay put. This was Luna's (our puppy) first 4th and we don't want issues for future Fourths to come, so home movie night for us.

But truly, even though I love a good launch and movie night with the fam, I really wanted to be in Montana. It's a been a very long time since I haven't spent the 4th in Livingston, and I really missed it this year. The Big Sky. My family. The park. The Yellowstone. The parade. The mountains. The rodeo. The fireworks I've watched since I was a kid (on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th). I really longed to be there and felt sad that I wasn't. Even today, I still have that I-can't-believe-I-missed-it feeling.

Does your character feel like they're missing out on something or long to be some place they can't be?


BJW said...

I've never been to Montana but love it. I blame A River Runs Through It and Norman Maclean.

Someday I'll go see it. That is a beautiful landscape Jolie.

Kirby Larson said...

Another great prompt, Jolie. These are the BodyPumps of writing!