Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Moment #53

(If you’ve already read this then skip past all the italicized blah-di-blah and start writing.) Monday Moments are writing prompts for your work-in-progress. They are questions that come from my experiences and are my favorite way to find out more about my characters. I find I learn a lot. Some of it I use. Some of it I don’t. But I always, always get to know my character(s) better just by answering the question. I hope you do too. )

Last weekend we had what we call "Launch Day" at my gym. I love Launch! Every three months the fitness instructors present all the new class releases (I teach two: bodypump and bodystep). We dress up in some fun way and as many of as possible teach together (in my classes there were five of us). The place is always packed, and it generates lots of fun energy.

Since there are so many instructors, we each teach a couple of different tracks while the others are like the backup dancers. :) I had made it through both my bodystep tracks. No problem. And in bodypump, the lunge track...done but ouch! Next up, shoulders. I love shoulder work. Love it. But not as much as it must have seemed to all in class that particular day.

In all the heat of the excitement of Launch Day, as I advised class members on how much weight to put on their bar (or take off!), I neglected to change mine. Yes, I still had my lunge weight on the bar, and really, our lower half is NOT equal to our upper half (at least for us ladies) when strength is concerned.

It may have been best that I had no idea. Not a clue, not until I set down my bar. However, when I picked it up and got started, I actually said out loud, "Wow. That's heavy." But I was teaching and I had to make it to the end. No other option. Well, I guess I could have quit, but in my mind, I had to make myself push through or go hide my head in instructor shame.

Bar down. I see my mistake. And sweet butter!

I wondered, how in the heck did I do that?

When has your character ever wanted to throw in the towel? Did they quit or fight through to the end? (Maybe they've had both experiences.)

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Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

great prompt - and hey, here's the bright side - you won't need shoulder pads for NY now!
Namaste and a Hug,