Monday, June 15, 2009

SRS Whip of the Week #3

Hey, Smackdowners - you've hung in there... You've had ups and downs... You're encouraging yourself and others to do your best on revisions... So Holly and I say, give yourselves a pat on the pack for cracking the licorice whip for the second week!

Let me tell you, it has been no simple task for us to choose one Smackdowner for the Whip of the Week. First, we have honorable mentions:

Sara Easterly, who caught up and surpassed her goals this week on her graphic novel. Go, Sara!

Jennie Englund, who whittled her manuscript down by 13K this week (!) to tackle the next phase. Woohoo, Jennie!

Shelley S., who subconsciously sabotaged her TV habit this week to make huge progress. Nice work, Shelley!

Casey McCormick, who revised every day this week and is 78 pages in. Sweet, Casey!

and now...our Whip of the Week for Week #3...the name you've all been waiting for...


Mary Cronk Farrell! Here's what Mary said about her week:

This week:

1) finished revising 48-page non-fiction project and handed it off to my critique group. 2)To begin my novel revision I packed up five copies of the manuscript returned from my critique group and set off to visit CHOCOLATE APOTHECARY. Cool chocolate store that serves espresso on the side. I sat in a comfy chair, sipped a mocha and read through all the critiques.
3) Sat down at computer and made the first run-through of the revision deleting an entire subplot.

Feels great.

So Smackdowners, feel the high-five of this Chocolate-sippin' moment. Go forth and revise, revise, revise!


Casey Something said...

Great job Mary, and everyone else!

So much great revising going on this month.

Also, thanks for the honorable mention!

: )

holly cupala said...

Woohoo for Mary and the honorable mentions! Wow, it's been a quiet day today. I hope that means everyone is hard at work revising!