Monday, June 29, 2009

Whip of the Week #5

Truly, you all should be giving yourselves a pat on the back - you've hung in there for four weeks of revision and even liked it! Holly and I have been inspired by your participating and dedication: both of us have made significant progress on our projects, too! Inspiration in numbers has become a theme here at the Summer Revision Smackdown.

And it's not over yet! We still have much to do this week!

Tomorrow, go to Holly's blog for a "You Tell Us" feature. What's YOUR best revision tip?

Then, on Wednesday (after June is officially over!) come to Jolie's blog to make your case for THE WHIPLASH AWARD. Why should you get the hottest award of the summer? Tell us the sordid, fascinating details - we really want to know.

But first things first: honorable mentions for this week's WHIP OF THE WEEK (and trust us, it has become increasingly difficult to choose in this incredible pool of deserving Smackdowners).

Janet Lee Carey, who wrestled with the dreaded synopsis of one novel and wrote the first three chapters of a new novel. Be fearless, Janet! (Note from Holly: being in Janet's critique group, can I just say that I can't wait to hear the new book?!?!)

StinkyLulu, who met two of his three goals: revising PB#1 and making huge progress on a YA novel. Way to rock it, Brian!

-karen ann., who finished her manuscript revision and will be giving it to her critique group today. Right on, Karen!

And...the Week 5 WHIP OF THE WEEK...a force to be reckoned with is...

Realm Lovejoy!

Here's what Realm said about her week:

I am satisfied with the goals I've met this week. I finally caught up to my illustrations and producing at a healthy rate. I work best in the mornings on them. I was able to work on both book illustrations and ones for the blog.

My second novel draft is headed in the right direction and I got to write a bunch on the weekend. I actually changed what my second book will be at the start of June. A lot of my writing went into plans, research, throw away drafts and such, but I feel that I know exactly what I want for the second book and confidant that the first draft will keep growing this summer. I will be using the tips you all shared!

I learned a lot about managing my schedule and knowing what times work best--and how easy it can slip away. The Summer Revision Smackdown helped me get back on track!

Thank you, everyone!

We are proud of every one of you as you near the finish line. So, Smackdowners: what will be your goals for this week and beyond?


Realm Lovejoy said...

Me? Aw, gee. Thanks for being an inspiration with your hard work, everyone!

BJW said...

Great work Realm, really cool to see you working so hard on you goals. You motivate the rest of us to keep up. : )