Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cool Stuff...or at least I think so

YOU! Yes, you. All those of you who read as a Follower, through GoogleReader, from a bookmark...all of you. Thank you for making blogging so much dang fun.

Holly's SRS Candy Buzz! Yes, Holly has a whole list of Smackdown goodness to check out. Go, go, go...I mean, once you've finished looking at cool stuff here (there's pictures at the end)!

An almost finished revision. Whee! Yay for Summer Revision Smackdown pushing me through. End of the week--done. You heard it here, now hold me to it!

SCBWI Conference in LA! Will you be there? It's right around the corner and there's still time. So, so, so excited about being part of SCBWI Team Blog. Alice Pope posted about the conference and conference blog--including how to find each of us on Twitter so you don't miss a thing. Lee Wind is counting down, too!

My pup! Because Ben said I should post pics of my pup. The funny things is, I've just realized that she ALWAYS blinks. I can't get a good picture of her. So, my pup isn't always cool, she's a 7 month old puppy and does puppy things that make me crazy. But one thing that is cool, this dog has the LONGEST eyelashes you have ever seen! I wish I could capture them in a photo, but so far, impossible. They have to be well over an inch long. Crazy.

My garden! It's been so pretty this year. Here are some of the pretties right now.
Astilbes...such a cool color and so different.

Lavender and Lilly lovin'!

Crocomia in front of a Butterfly Bush. I love the purple and the red.

The hummingbirds are very happy. Oh are the weeds.

Better get to work on that revision (or the weeding)!


BJW said...

now we're talking! Cool post Jolie. Love the pics, especially... well, you know which one.

: )

Hi Holly (I've decided we should just hijack Jolie's comments to communicate our secret messages of any import, I'm kidding Jolie, Holly: $$**@!! **%%&)

holly cupala said...

Your pup and garden are definitely cool stuff! Beautiful, and ADORABLE. Makes me want to get a puppy (a constant hope in my house - someday both of us girls will gang up on Dad and go for it).

BJW: lol, ur gr8. cya l8r!

Tara McClendon said...

Blogging is fun. Thanks for sharing.

Kim Baker said...

Lovely garden, Jolie! Mine is pretty shabby this year. Do you ever write out there?

Can't wait for L.A.! said...


Your garden is beautiful (as is your blinking pup). Thanks for posting those pictures. This year I decided to forgo my garden almost completely in order to prioritize my children (a total rationalization, I know). Your pix are making me revisit that decision- just a little. Actually, my children's terrifying obsession with Pokemon is really what gives me pause.

I will be in LA and look forward to meeting you and all other SRS'ers who are able to attend!

Angela said...

Hey, I'll be in LA. I've been to NY and Bologna, but this will be my first time at the LA conference!