Thursday, September 24, 2009

What's Taking So Long?

Yes, I'm *still* working on this revision. Or at least back at it after getting wonderful feedback from trusted peeps. And granted, I had to settle into a wacky new school schedule with the kids, which includes a day that ends a whole hour and fifteen earlier than I'm used to (that's a lot of time). But I'm plugging along and have made some great progress this week.

But here's the thing, just when I think I'm this close to being done...I'M SO NOT!

And since I'm in whiner mode, will you allow me to continue (even if you do not)? Please tell me that you have days when in your head you're thinking, Why is this so hard? Why is it taking so flipping long? When someone reads this book they're going to think, simpleton. That would be such cake to write, and then ha! at the thought of it requiring days and days (I mean months and months) to revise.



I feel better. Thank you.

Now, I'll get back to the work. Perhaps I'll finish today? Because I'm this close.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Oh, I KNOW what you mean. Although I'd add a dash of self-doubt to the whine stew. I get done with a revision and think, "There!" and, without fail, a week later, I think, "This sucks and I suck and it's impossible to not suck and I should probably quit now and go live in a convent with the Irritable Sisters of Incessant Suckage."

Is there any cure to this?

P.S. I can't wait to read your entire novel.

Michèle Griskey said...

Jolie and Martha,
Thank you! I'm revising too and thought I would be done. I'm not.
Here are some of the thoughts that run through my head: Is this madness? Perhaps I have some sort of mental illness? It cannot be healthy to obsess over a story (chapter, page, sentence, word) and experience such mood swings.

I love the I.S.I.S. convent. :) We'll have to create one on an isolated mountain somewhere. We can eat chocolate and chant "I can write" over and over again.

Lisa Aldin said...

NO KIDDING! Ha! Revisions take FOREVER. So do first drafts. Writing in general takes forever! Which is why I pretty much despise anyone who can just type it out and BAM! Done. I don't get that. That makes me crazy jealous!

Molly Hall said...

You don't know how much I needed this today! I have been festering, wrangling, suffering, poking along through this revision. I have that terrible feeling that I will NEVER get it done! I am a perfectionist and a procrastinator. NOT a good combination! The hard part (one of the hard parts) for me is making decisions. YES, I am going to eliminate this character. NO, I am not going to go to have the father in this scene etc. And there are a thousand decisions to be made when you are creating a whole novel!
But I actually think I broke though today and set myself on a path I feel good about. Partly because I read this post and knew I wasn't alone. Thank you!


Cuppa Jolie said...

Yes...let's all meet at the I.S.S.I. convent, eat chocolate, then GET OVER IT!

I almost didn't post, but then was like, Get over it, Jolie! Why blog if I can't included the lower points of the writerly roller coaster. (BTW, I think I'm started to climb back up. Phew.)

So, here's to us, sistahs! Here's to continuing foward until we cross the finish line, whenever that may be.

Lisa, I'm with you. I just read the other day, can't remember where (and too lazy to look it up) about another author's revision process taking two weeks. I think that started my little pity-party. Two weeks!

And, Molly, you are so very welcome. Isn't it easier when you know others are going through it too? I suppose that's why I posted in the first place.

Tara McClendon said...

I thought I'd start sending my queries out after the RMC-SCBWI conference, but after a critique, I have more work to do before I get to that stage. So, I'm right there with you. It isn't fun, but I'm looking forward to where it's going.

i, chihuahua said...

i understand the whiner voice and loads of self doubt. but it's not fair to put pressure on yourself like you should have been done sooner; your revisions should not take so long.

because your book is going to need what it needs timewise. your job is to give it what it needs and let go of the rest.

Joni said...

Ai, yi, yi. Late to the party, as usual, but... yeah. Dang. Hardness abounds.

(Hmm. That sounds like maybe a porn line or something. Wishful thinking, perhaps.)

You'd think it would get easier... but it doesn't. Can I join the convent, too? Maybe we could have a less strict rule about... never mind, this is a family blog, and clearly I have a theme going here I should stomp on Right. Now.

Hang in there, J. I can smell your contract in the autumn air.

Robin Mellom said...

You can do it! I always psych myself up by doing karate chop air-whiffs and signing Eye of The Tiger, then hope no one was watching.

Keep us posted!!!