Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Jar Labeled SCBWI 2011 (and a bit about SCBWI summer 2010)

I want you to do something (pretty please?). Go grab a jar out of your cupboard. It could be one your kiddo has been using to store bugs. Or you could empty that jar of marinara that's been sitting in the pantry for months (and make some spaghetti tonight). Just make sure the jar's big enough for all of your coinage.


Because it's time to start saving for next year's SCBWI summer conference: my favorite of the year!!!

If you've just returned home from the 2010 conference, I'm sure you already have this jar out with it's first trickle of coins. If you haven't been there yet, you don't want to miss it.

Since I did a fair bit of blogging about the conference during the conference, how 'bout I take you on a little journey through some photos? But there's plenty of reading to be done. Don't miss the complete TEAM BLOG  coverage (I have finally browsed all of it and there is so much good stuff there). Also, check out the #LA10SCBWI twitter feed. Many are tweeting with links to their own conference blog posts.

So, other than the fab keynotes and great breakout sessions offered, here are some of the other parts of the SCBWI summer conference that were my very favorite reasons for attending.


There was lots of meeting friends, old and new, and some friends I've met online but never face to face. The hotel lounge was always a happening spot throughout the conference.

(I love being sandwiched between Kim Baker and Martha Brockenbrough!)

(Kjersten Hayes and I photograph each other.)

The only down side was realizing how many people I missed or never had a chance to truly chat with.


Friends enjoying Mexican food and cookies.

Oh, yes...I said cookies. Really. Big. Sugary. Cookies!

Cookies filling huge vases.

I was so wishing I had snuck a couple of those up to my room. I swear, they were the size of my head.

Mike Jung's creepy costume didn't even stop me from devouring my sweet treat.

There was lots and lots of dancing. That's SCBWI's own Sally Crock busting a move with the amazing Ashley Bryan.

It's a great night to capture a photo with friends (especially when they are all decked out).

That's me sandwiched between Dawn Simon and Molly Hall.

And, my short shelf with the beautiful and tall Robin Mellom (we are both in flats).

The ultra adorable Amber Lough.

Martha and I caught a shot with debut authors Kiersten White and Stephanie Perkins. They are super cool girlies.

And I had to get a Port Townsend picture. Hey...the gangs all here. Wait a minute! Brockenbrough snuck into my photo with the Watson fellas. She doesn't live in PT...yet! (We do wish the rest of the Watsons could have been there, too.)

And you never know who you might be able to get a photo with. Like a sweet cupid.

Hey...can I get a photo too?

Hey, wait! Isn't that Jay Asher under that wig?

And he had some rather lovely cupids by his side...

The amazing Carolyn Mackler and Rachel Vail. Yes, I took in some really deep breaths near these three YA dynamos to try and suck in some of their talent energies.


The Golden Kite Luncheon is always a special afternoon, full of wonderful awards and great speeches. Last year I was shocked and surprised to be honored with the Member-of-the-Year Award, along with my partner in crime, Sara Easterly.

I was extra eager to see who would be honored this year, so I covered the announcement for the blog. I was beyond thrilled when the regional advisor from Australia, Christopher Cheng, was given the award. It's well deserved.

Chris receives his award from Steve Mooser and Lin Oliver.

On the last day of the conference Chris and I grab a photo together, knowing we have a bond we will share forever. (Yes, I know I'm cheesy!)


Doesn't he look like a scary teacher. Okay, not really...but it is scary to share your work with him in front of a class. I'm telling you, this class was full of drama, mystery, fear, laughter, and definitely emotion. For sure emotion.

And did I mention HOMEWORK. Yes, Arthur Levine gives homework, even on the night of the big party.

But there as so much to learn from hearing Arthur give on-the-spot feedback on what's making the writing work and what could make it better. I had a very lovely experience, recieving positive feedback that made me float on out of the room. Here's a few tweets about it.

A. Levine: "It tasted of pot and Dr. Pepper. That's a very specific kiss. The more specific it is, I feel like I just had it." #LA10SCBWI

Mike_Jung tweeted:
@cuppajolie I believe Arthur described the emotion in your piece as "rageful satisfaction." He RAVED about it, and rightly so. #kidlitchat

#FF@cuppajolie! Because if her work in Arthur Levine's class is any indication, she is gonna blow the roof off the kidlit world before long!

Sometimes I think you get a gift like that right when you need it. I needed it and appreciated it so very much.

Thank you, Arthur, for a most amazing experience; one that I will carry throughout my writerly lifetime.

And how must one end the conference and conference coverage. Well, my teammate Suzanne Young says that these (see photo below) sunglasses look good on anyone. Really? Anyone? So Mr. Dan Santat and I donned a pair with her. I don't know, Suzanne! But at least they got rid of my awful red-eye problem.

I'm ready to go back!

Like I said, start saving. You don't want to miss it.


Robin Mellom said...

Haha! I totally forgot we took that height disparity picture!!!! :-)

It was great meeting you in person (finally), hopefully we'll get more time to chat next year! I'm saving my pennies!

Mike Jung said...

It was great to meet you and hear a sample of your writing, Jolie! I look forward to cornering you and forcing you to autograph a book for me at some future conference.

Jay Asher said...

I was exhausted just watching how busy you were at the conference, Jolie. But these photos make it look like you were also having a lot of fun, so...yay!!!

And once again, Team Blog did a great job.

Stasia said...

Okay, I'm sold! Penny jar on counter and SO NOT MISSING 2011. Thanks for your great Team Blogs, this fab post and, of course, many lovely Monday Musings! - Stasia

Kjersten said...

Love all the pictures, Jolie! And that one of me taking a picture -- turned out to be one of 4 pictures I took (I was lame at taking them). So I'm glad someone like you took lots of great ones! Great to see you there.

Jane Makuch said...

Oh Jolie, how you're encouraging me again! I wish I had attended. I was supposed to go, but my sister had to have surgery and I was the only one there for her...

How is your writing going?

Martha Brockenbrough said...

I totally sneaked into the PT photo! But a girl is allowed to think wishfully... excellent post, Jolie!

Kim Baker said...

SO much fun!
Thanks for all the pictures. I think I took...two.
Already looking forward to 2011.

Dawn Simon said...

Wow, Jolie! You totally captured everything all in one post!

Arthur Levine's class sounds like it was awesome. How exciting that you got the lift you needed right when you needed it. I agree, sometimes those things happen at exactly the right time.

I hope I can go back next year! Yes, I'll be saving my pennies!

Margo Berendsen said...

All my fav blogs are just raving about this conference and discovering I know almost half of the names mentioned... will definitely start filling my jar for next year! Thanks for the inspiration!

Molly Hall said...

Yay! So happy I got to take a pic with the fabulous Jolie! We had so much fun. I will never forget that weekend, and hope to make it a yearly tradition. It's addictive! Thanks for sharing all your great pics and memories.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks for all these great comments, everyone! It's so great to hear that you're all get out your jars. :)

Mike - I look forward to that day, but I promise, you won't have to corner me. I have a feeling we'll be swapping.

Jane - I'm so sorry you had to miss, but it sounds like you were where you needed to be. I thought about you while I was in LA.

Margo - Yes, it's a must. You'll be so glad you did. Then you'll be raving to. :)

Save, save, save!

jesse joshua watson said...

Fun pics and stories, J. Such a fun conference! I really enjoyed hanging with the WW crew.
And, I love the pic of you and Arthur. Cute.

Arthur Levine said...

Jolie, thank you for your comments and for filling me with rageful satisfaction. Now I need to go get a kiss that tastes like pot and dr pepper! :)


Cuppa Jolie said...

Arthur - You know how to make a person's day. :) I wish for you many, many kisses full of that much satisfaction, rageful or otherwise.