Monday, January 5, 2009

Back to It!

Wow, has it been forevah or what?
It feels great to be back at The Vault. I’d like to say it’s good to be back at The Vault WORKING, but that’s not exactly happening, at least not today. There’s a sort of settling back in that needs to happen after a break. A reorganization. A cleaning up. A clearing of the mind. A getting refocused.

But as I walked back into The Vault, it was nice to see the same friendly faces. Plus, amazing new artwork from Jesse Watson. I’ll bring my camera tomorrow and take some pictures. I think his work is going to help inspire me this month, help to push me through the work that needs to be done.

For now, I’m catching up on blogs, Facebook, email filing and deletion, and I need to figure out this Twitter business. Because when you’ve got a few people who are following you on Twitter and you don’t actually post anything on Twitter, then one should probably figure it out. Yes?

But next, I’m off to the library to do some research for a new project I’m working on with Sara. I mean, now that we’ve taken off our SCBWI regional advisor hats, we can’t actually stop working on something together. I mean, really! Hopefully the project will come out of the hibernation phase soon so I can tell you all about it.

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about awarding the Licorice Lasso. Coming soon...


holly cupala said...

Jolie, you inspire me! I'll be back to it tomorrow - today was just a Post-nine-people-at-Cottage-Cupala Coma. I would love to get to work under the gorgeous art of Jesse Watson - his paintings are incredible.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Can't wait to take in my camera and post pictures. It was funny because as I was finishing up this post and linking to Jesse's site, he walked in.

Vivian Mahoney said...

Good luck with your new writing project! Have a great year!