Wednesday, February 25, 2009

For the Love of Cuteness

This post will obviously NOT be about my bruise(see previous post)! Although it's in full its purple and green's not even sort of cute.

But this is...

That's Luna, who fell asleep this morning ringing her outside bell!

Let's hear it...

Cuteness number 2:a bit of writing. Not mine, but my eight-year-old girlie's.
When we went to go pick up our sweet Luna, we traveled to Eastern Washington. We left early and spent the night in Cheney in a hotel with a pool so that the kids could swim. That night at dinner, out of the blue, my eight-year-old girlie shouted out, "My tooth came out." She lost it right there, not eating, just sitting. Now this is not a kid who's had an easy time with losing teeth. She was the only second grader in her class (last year) who hadn't lost a tooth. Her first four had to be pulled all at once by the dentist. Her little sister has lost more teeth than she has.

That night, before bed, she wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy on the hotel stationary. This is what it said:

Dear Tooth Fairy,
I am sorry I am not at home.
We are getting a puppy.
So be prepared for puppy teeth.

I loved that!


Anonymous said...

Now I want a cute little dog too.

Anonymous said...

That would be a big double AWWWW!

Anonymous said...

That is such a cute puppy!

Deb Lund said...

Ahhh... tooth stories! Of course. We're about ready to start our anthology now, aren't we?