Friday, February 20, 2009


While driving the kids to school today, and then to The Vault, my eyelids didn't want to cooperate. Don't you hate it when they act up like that? Like they think it would be fun to get heavy and want to close when you really, really need the eyeballs underneath them to do their job. I mean, really! How rude.

Not even Steve Perry belting out Journey's "Separate Ways" encouraged my eyelids.

I suppose it's my body's way of rebelling. I'm telling ya, it's been a stinker lately. It's all like, "If you're going to make me do all this stuff, without letting me have some down time for at least a little reality TV, well then, I think I'll make you pay. How 'bout I wake you up every morning too early. Let's say 4:30. 5:00 if I'm feeling nice."

But life's been a bit bonkers. And it would sure help a lot if my body would let me get a tad more sleep in the morning so I can catch up with the other things that aren't getting done in a timely fashion. Seriously!

Case in point:

That is what my girlies refer to as Mt. Clothesmore!

Now, yesterday I wrote and pondered, pondered and wrote. I scanned the Internet and wrote some more. Not that I accumulated a lot of words, but I made progress. I've been assigned the task of getting the first five chapters of my WIP progress together. This would seems an easy task, as supposedly those first five chapters are written, but when you actually go back into that messy mess of a rough draft, you then realize you need a new chapter 3 and that a road sign mentioned requires description that you don't have...because, hey, it's the rough draft.

But, please let me tell you of the discovery I made because of said sign (actually signs). Check out this website. If you need to find a road sign, you're likely to find it.

Today, my eyelids need this sign!


Wyman Stewart said...

As someone who briefly fell asleep at the wheel a few years ago while driving home from Christmas dinner at my brother's home with very little sleep over a 24 hour period, then awoke to find myself slowly drifting across the center-line into an oncoming pick-up truck, allow me to comment.

Perhaps you can engage your husband and children in helping you arrange housework, etc. with the goal of helping you get a bit more sleep, even if a nap here and there only. I won't go into my recent insomnia, but I will say, I think I understand you. Please take the incident of wishing to fall asleep behind the wheel very seriously. All of us want you "alive". Now, imagine you are on a South Sea island in a loungechair, there's a nice breeze, the ocean sounds so nice, and take a nap. Take care and God bless you. :-) I know it is easier said than done, but work on it, please.

Suzanne Williams said...

Hugs, Jolie. It's so hard to find balance in your life when your children are young. Now that my children are grown, and I have much more free time, I look back on those days and wonder how I ever survived them. But, of course, you just do. Take care. I enjoy peeking in on your posts!