Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday Moment #6

Happy Presidents' Day! No day off for Monday Moments...although I know I'm slow to post.

Not surprising, I've been a bit distracted this weekend with puppy and all. I'll introduce you to her tomorrow.

The noise in our lives tells a lot about who we are and where we live. I'm particularly thinking about the noises when all else is at night (although maybe night is not quiet for your character). The last couple nights I've heard the whimpers of a pup who needs to go outside. But typically, there are many other noises I can hear, when the rest of the house is quiet (and my husband's not snoring). At times, I can hear a distant ferry whistle. When I do, I know that it's foggy outside without even a look out my window. And on some early, early mornings I can hear the sound of the pulp mill's whistle sounding a shift change, but it only happens when the wind is moving just so.

What noise is in your character's life that tells readers about where s/he lives or who s/he is?

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Kirby Larson said...

Love this, Jolie, because it taps into a sense that we don't use often enough in our work.

Can't wait to see the pup!