Thursday, February 12, 2009

Last Night's SCBWI Western Washington Meeting

Wouldn't you blog was the first Tony Dirksen (Thanks, Tony!) pulled up last night during his presentation. But my panic about cute boy pictures flashing up on the screen were unnecessary since Tony had done a screen capture...nothing live.

Do you see me back there on the screen behind Tony? Cuppa Jolie's a star, or at least it sort of was at the SCBWI Western Washington meeting last night for, oh, about 17 seconds.

Tony's presentation was fantastic. He crammed a whole lot of info into a very short amount of time. And I had a great take away from his talk. There are so many little things you can add here and there to a blog and one I just learned...including categories. So now I can have all of the Monday Moments, for instance, pull up in one place. And that's cool. I'll be figuring that out soon. (Tony does a weekly podcast for kids called Radio Comet. You can find it HERE.)
Here are some of the peeps that were there last night.

Look at how happy they all are (and that's only about a third of 'em).
If any of you are visiting Cuppa Jolie for the first time because you were at last nights meeting, leave me a comment and let me know. I'd love to say hi and thanks for visiting.

And then, what a treat, Bonny Becker read a manuscripts she's been working on, and is still working on. She shared with us her own personal journey from draft to draft. A wonderful reminder for each and every person in the room that you must revise, revise, and revise some more. Especially with picture books.
And, last night, I finally FINALLY awarded the Licorice Lasso. I have pictures to prove it.

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