Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday Moment #39

Ah! So late! So late I am today. I have good reason. And I did warn you.
I've been gone all weekend, friends. I went through my Bodystep training module, worked my tush off (I wish that was a literal statement), and I PASSED! It was a fun, challenging, and rewarding weekend, for sure.
So, you'd think that's what I'd write about, but NO...instead DOUGHNUTS! That's right.

Ooh, did that get your attention?

Okay, so this is still a weekend story though. After a very late night on Saturday (class ending at 8 pm, a 45 minute drive home--plus I got pulled over--and I had an entire track to learn) and a very early morning (leaving at 6 am) I was tired and had had no coffee on Sunday morning. *painful* My ride picked me up, but we found NO latte places open along the way. Luckily, we ended up arriving early and had time to stop at Starbucks.

Ah, the glory of Starbucks...thank you consistent giver of caffeinated beverages.

Back on track...I started chatting with the fellas behind the counter because they were doing their brew vs. instant taste test. (Anyone do that?) I was like, "Bring it on."

As the guy made my two drinks, two other gentlemen walked up to the counter and they already had an opinion (I'll let you judge for yourself. I guessed right!) but basically they said they had the chance to give it a try because they have a connection with Starbucks. Cool.

Then one asked me, "Are you going to get one of those apple fritters."

Now, let me tell you, I love those fritters. I do. But I told him that I would basically be working out non-stop for the next 7 hours and that my stomach couldn't handle a fritter. I also think I told him they were very naughty. Yup, pretty sure about that.

Warning...I'm probably not getting his words just right but this is how I remember it.

He said, "Those are my fritters."

So I told him he was a naughty-naughty man. Yes, I did. Then he order all three types of doughnuts.

I asked, "Are you Top Pot?" And, he was! Cool, huh? He said I needed to get into one of their stores and have one of those fritters (the real deal) if I thought the Starbucks's ones were good (ooh, now I so want to). He was in quality tasting the frozen ones that come from a California bakery for Starbucks.

Cool, no? Well, I thought so.

Especially when he pinched off a tiny corner from each and then said, "I don't eat them. Only taste them. Here. Would you like them?"

Heck, yeah! Thanks, Top Pot guy! I took his yummy baked goods and I ate that fritter on my way home from training...without one ounce of guilt! Deee-lish. (Those are the three doughnuts to the right. I grabbed the photo from the Top Pot site.)

Oh yeah! This is all supposed to tie back to writing and story...I'm getting there. Here's the thing. That was such an unexpected encounter. I was in a completely predictable spot and so was he! But our path crossed and I got a sweet treat because of it (not that all unexpected encounters end in sweetness).

Does your character(s) have an unexpected encounter?

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