Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Advice from an Actor...Why Not? Works for Me!

I'm at The Vault. A happy place since I didn't see much time here in January.
I shouldn't be blogging. But instead I say, WHATEVER! to myself, because I want to darn it.

I've got me a hot cuppa jo. I just had a sample of a white chocolate chip cookie. And an opportunity came up today that I couldn't say no to (it made me smile--wide)! I'll fill you in on details later. There's been other hopeful news plus the fact that I'm only days away from bringing our new puppy home (she has a name but I'll wait and share it when I can officially introduce her). So, well...shucks...it all feels pretty good today.

My whole day's been rolling in a rather nice way. This morning when I got up and was sipping on my first coffee of the day (the most critical one) I spied a copy of Men's Health on the counter. It caught my attention. It's fun taking a gander at a men's mag but also a bit naughty...try it. You'll see what I mean. Anyway...I'm going somewhere with this. On the cover was Ryan Reynolds.

A cutie, noh? More proof necessary?

Surely, this one will get you...

But a quote from Men's Health impressed me more than any of the above photos.

"I don't expect success. I train for it." ~Ryan Reynolds

I LOVE THAT! He instantly became much cuter (or should that be even more cute? I need Martha!). Take it for what it means to you, but it certainly started me off on the right foot this morning.

Speaking of training...tomorrow I'm city bound for another SCBWI Western Washington meeting. Check out the line-up HERE. If you're in the greater Seattle area, you shouldn't miss it.


Martha Brockenbrough said...

Much cuter is fine...cute, cuter, cutest.

I have no problem with "much more cute," though some people say all one-syllable adjectives get an -er in their comparative form. Sometimes, I agree. You wouldn't say "more big," after all.

In any case, I'd skip cuter and bump him right up to "cutest." Rrorwl.

Kjersten said...

You've got me wanting to turn the page, Jolie. What are all these hints of good things? I'll stay tuned.

holly cupala said...

Tee hee.

Sure, the abs are nice, but What's The Scoop??? Can't wait!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

hot hot hottie. He was funny in 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place :) Good to know someone else blogs when they should be writing :)