Friday, February 27, 2009

New Place + Novel Aha = Really, Really Full

I had a full day to write yesterday. A treat! I started at The Vault, but there's something about being in the same spot for an entire day that can drag you down. Plus, even though they say it's fine, I'm sure those who are behind the counter at The Vault enjoy a change of scenery as well. Plus, I needed some lunch, so I thought, "Perfect...time for a change. I'll go check out the new place."

And that's what a did. I headed over to the newly opened The Village Baker. According to them, they speak "yum." And after my visit, I have to agree.
The parking lot is always full, so I should have known it would be tough to get a table, which it was. I felt the need to order enough to nibble my way through some working time, to earn my right to sit at a table. So, I ordered a sandwich, a cup of coffee, and because I ordered a sandwich and a drink I got a piece of Tiramisu for a buck. How can you so no to that? I asked to have the latter two after my lunch (to stretch my time).
I sat and nursed my sandwich while I plugged away, cleaning up Chapter 5 of my WIP. The exciting part, I had a major aha! Isn't it interesting how that happens. I don't know if it was the change in setting. The cranberries on my sandwich. I don't know what it was. Just that it happened. The aha didn't even have anything to do with Chapter 5, although it did get me asking myself some questions. And then an obvious, yet vitally important detail came to me. I sat, eating my sandwich, and smiling--I'm sure people were thinking I was loony tunes.
But, I'm a half-a-sandwich kind of girl. And I worked through that full sandwich. I grew full, full, and more full. But there was still that cuppa joe and Tiramisu to enjoy. Do you see the size of that thing? It's bigger than my coffee cup. I enjoyed half the cake and ALL my coffee and soaked up the thrill that the ride of my big aha provided!

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Alison Friend said...

I wish I had a nice coffee shop to work in. I live vicariously through you and Jaime. The coffee shops are terrible here and it's not really the done thing to sit in one spot for more than the length of time it takes to drink a cuppa.
Oh well, it would be such a hassle anyway getting all my paints out and taking up all that space with my drawing board - And then there's the daily artistic tantrums I have to throw........I'm best kept behind closed doors.