Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Moment #5

I have a nice big mirror in my bathroom. There are plenty of lights in there. But somehow, the natural light mixed with the electric, plus the height of my counter, makes make-up application, etc. difficult.
I bought one of those counter, vanity mirrors that lights up and has two sides--the normal one and the other magnified side that makes you go...yikes, shouldn't have looked! For a while I was good at putting it away in the cabinet, but then I got lazy about it and it almost always sat out. Not too long ago, my daughter went into use my bathroom and knocked into it. Down the two-sided mirror went...the non-magnified side shattered.
Of course, my first thought was broken mirror! But my daughter just felt bad because she broke something of mine. I've never made her fear a broken mirror. And there was no reason to now. But it got me thinking about superstitions, and more important, where they come from.
Does your character have a superstition? AND what does it stem from?


holly cupala said...

Perfect question for my character - I just actually figured this out a few days ago! Turns out it's important, no, essential, to the story. I should add that to the cannon of character-building categories - secrets, styles, sins, and beliefs...

Kirby Larson said...

I surely hope you're collecting these for a book of writing prompts, Jolie. This is terrific.

I don't know yet about my character, but I blanch whenever I see a black cat -- even though I used to have one.