Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Moment #4


We all get distracted. Often on purpose.

Sometimes it's healthy. Sometimes not.

Sometimes it can turn a bit obsessive.

I've had my own distractions lately. The on-purpose kind. Lately my plate has been pretty full, actually overloaded. It's been a stressful time, and getting everything that needs to get done done, well, it's been a challenge.

At a time like this, who needs distractions?


Puppy talk has hit my house in a major way and everyone has the bug. Even though I have a thousand-and-three other things to do, I can find myself researching puppies and searching for possibilities online. If I let myself, I could do it full time, just fixate on finding the perfect pup for our family until it happens.
Another distraction I'm barely resisting (I could go there so fast)...oh my, am I really going to admit this to you?...okay, yes, we're friends. I made the mistake of "playing" the Brain Age 2 game on Nintendo DS. Big mistake! BIG. That tricky Dr. What-ever-his-name-is. He acts all smart and nice with a hint of arrogance and know-it-all-ness! Then he gives me this horrible, tricky rock-paper-scissors test. THEN he tell me my brain age is 74. Seventy-flipping-four! What's more, he tells me, ideally it should be 20. Nice, huh? But now, I want to play and practice to get to 20 really, really bad! And I will. will happen.

What distraction(s) does your character have? And why does s/he have them?

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Jaime Temairik said...

Puppy talk!!! That's so exciting. Can't wait to meet the lucky pup that gets to join your sweet family.

Most of my characters are distracted by food. And puppies. I guess my characters don't deviate too far from my own personal character.