Thursday, June 4, 2009

SRS Lash Flash: Kirby Larson

For today's first addition of LASH FLASH, Cuppa Jolie welcomes the amazing and lovely, Kirby Larson. A perfect way to start! And over at Holly's, don't miss her editor, Catherine Onder.

Kirby was awarded a Newbery Honor in 2007 for her novel HATTIE BIG SKY, a definite must read. Recently she's made her way back to picture books and has been celebrating the success of TWO BOBBIES which she co-wrote with Mary Nethery, and a new project is in the works for this great team. And be sure to bookmark or follow Kirby's blog Kirby Lane: A Place for Readers and Writers which is always packed with heart and wisdom. Oh, and pictures of her new puppy, Winston.
Kirby is a fellow SRS participant, albeit a rule breaking one. But I say, if it gets the job done, then good.

Here's a tip she had to share with the rest of us:
"The tip I would give is one I am personally using right now -- taking lots of walks and letting my mind go. I'm finding it's a terrific way to process all the editorial feedback I've been given without feeling uptight and constrained. For example, on Friday, two unrelated bits of info that had been buried deep in the old gray matter surfaced and bumped into each other, giving me a great idea for resolving one of the problems I'd been working on.

The other thing, which isn't as fun or healthy, is sticking with it -- the old bum glue advice. But now that I have an adorable puppy to sleep on my lap, sitting in my work chair isn't so painful!"

I love that from Kirby we get a little bit of B-O-C (butt-out of-chair) and B-I-C (butt-in-chair)!

Thanks, Kirby!

Don't forget to check in over at Holly's tomorrow with your Revision Report. We can't wait to hear all about the progress that's been made out there.


Sara Easterly said...

I'm sitting at a coffee shop with my B-I-C across from Holly with her B-I-C and have been so inspired by her giggles and hoots as she happily pores over her revisions that I just finished a brand-new chapter of my GN. The best one yet, in fact! Thanks for the inspiration, both of you... and Kirby, too, for today's words of wisdom!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Hey, my B-I-C is at my coffee shop too. Wish it was the same one as yours and Holly's!

And yay for brand-new and best-one-yet chapter.

Werplash! Back to chapter 6...

BJW said...

I can do the whole bum glue thing ok, but the only problem is the dang INTERNET is connected to my computer. Once I slay that dragon I should be good. Bravo and good advice Kirby. Do your walks usually end up at coffee joints Kirby? The one walk I joined you and Ann on sure did. Talk about my kinda carrot.

Setting the bar pretty high here Jolie. Good luck topping Kirby. Thanks for the tips!

Back to my chapter, ahh, the coffee brewer just beeped. Best sound in the world.

Carmela Martino said...

Hi Jolie,
I just heard about SRS--is it too late to sign up? I'm actually the moderator for a small Yahoo group of children's/YA authors who have been doing something very similar. We post our revision goals at the beginning of every month, and share inspiring revision tips and articles we see.

Cuppa Jolie said...

It's definitely not too late, Carmela. You can post your goals here:

I'm not surprised others are joining forces and encouraging each other along in the process! It really helps.