Friday, September 4, 2009

How Brave Are You?...If It Means Winning a Copy of CATCHING FIRE

I've never had a contest here at Cuppa Jolie! Exciting...

So, here's the deal! After devouring and loving THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins, I could not wait to get my hands on CATCHING FIRE. Lucky me, my good friend (rhymes with Smartha Dokenfro) had the ARC. I think, perhaps, I might have blinked some desperate puppy eyes at her and she felt my need, because one day, after seeing her, I looked into my purse and found the coveted ARC (angels sing).

Then, I had to be brave. No, more like strong; putting on my best will-power suit ever, because I was on deadline and there was NO time to read until the work was done. It lit a fire under me though...

I have to say, CATCHING FIRE didn't disappoint, but now I'm DYING (do you hear the desperation whine in my typing) to read book 3 (please hurry). And it felt pretty, um, cool to finish the book just before it hit book stores.

Now, I know you CAN run down the street to you local Indie (or big chain) and grab it from the shelves, but wouldn't you rather win the ARC?

I KNOW. ME, TOO! (I felt like I won when I found it in my purse.)

So, when I asked Martha who I should send it off to, she said...How about a blog giveaway! A giveaway to the bravest.

So, are you brave like Martha, oh and Katniss!?! 'Cause she (Martha) does, like, everything...sword swallowing, Karaoke competitions, shark wrestling, writing! (Ooh...I know, I do one of those, too! We are all so brave.)

If you are brave...or have been brave, tell me in what way. Your bravest feat may win you the ARC! (No fiction please!) And, I know you want to win and would prefer little competition, but share with your friends so they can play, too. Then tomorrow (after getting some help from a certain brave person) I will announce a winner and get the ARC off ASAP!

You have until midnight tonight (pacific time).

Ready, set, go...


BJW said...

Hmm. Brave... brave...

I asked a completely unwilling dad if I could marry his daughter. And I saved the editor of Harry Potter from a pasta-wielding children's book writer/maniac. Man how badly do I want to read this book? Bad enough to brag about how brave i am. Pathetic. Another act of bravery, as a boy I called 911 to report a big foot sighting. Boy was my big brother who was babysitting me happy and proud when the police showed up.

That's quite a friend you got there too. What was their name again? Smartha Dokenfro? Sounds like a gem.

Joni said...

I'll play! Bravest thing I've done was go skydiving. I know people do this for fun, but for my black belt test I had to do something I was very afraid of. Falling out of the sky was the scariest thing I could think of, so I went with a few friends to the field in Kapowasin. Watching myself walk out and get on the plane (which had duct tape - really -- holding parts of it together), was like an out-of-body experience. Fly up (it's LOUD!), crawl out onto the wing strut, accept that you're going to die, but at least it won't be because you're a wimp, let go... Aaaaaaaaaah!

I've done many, many more dangerous things (scuba dived alone, ridden on top of a speeding land rover, walked along a freeway without a shoulder at night, hung out with Tuaregs with kalishnikovs in Niger... but the skydiving definitely took the most of my personal bravery.

Will look forward to reading all the others! Thanks, Jolie!

storyqueen said...

Okay, I have a secret identity...but I can't tell you about it because it's secret. Let me just say that, yeah, I'm brave enough to save the world from time to time.

The last time the world was saved....that was me.

Shelley said...

I was going door-to-door leaving "Vote NO on Bill Sizemore's measure X" literature. I had snuck in to what proved to be a high-security apartment building in Portland's West Hills. The last emergency exit down the stairs was not only locked, but had a message which stated clearly that trespassers would be locked up in a dungeon without legal representation, water or sunlight ever again. So I jumped off a 2-story balcony in order to escape the grim fate and the shame of being frogmarched out.

Bravery? Cowardice? Close cousins, I think.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Wow, wow, wow!

I already don't know how I'll choose and that's just with two of you. I'd say your odds are pretty good given that I posted this on a big holiday weekend as people are jetting out of town for one last hoorah!

BEN...hah! When your post came up in my email inbox it was all highlighted in RED and said, "This message may be dangerous." and "This message has been blocked for your safety." Man, I had to be BRAVE to open it. But, when do we get hear more about this 911 call regarding Big Foot. That must show up on the ol' blog sometime.

Joni...holey smoley...not only the sky diving thing but you did it while getting your black belt (said as if it were nothing) and something tells me that you've done a whole lot more that you're not mentioning...oh, like being co-regional advisor of the SCBWI WWA...I know that takes some bravery!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Storyqueen and Amy, you snuck in all stealth-like while I was responding to BJW and Joni! tell! No wonder the somewhat incognito photo (which I so understand)!

Amy, you crazy girl! What body parts did you break? Seriously!

Kjersten said...

Ooooh, good contest, Jolie! I think of myself as a worry wort stuck with an adventurer's spirit. I'm constantly telling myself to feel the fear and do it anyway. But right now I feel so super sleepy and tired and I'm not sure I'm brave enough to think about my bravest act. I'll play a little though, because BRAVE is one of my most favorite words.

I did get my paragliding pilot's license long ago. That kinda counts, no?

BTW, I vote that Joni wins.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Kjersten...a paragliding license?Count? Are you kidding? Are you crazy? You can paraglide? All by yourself?


Cuppa Jolie said...

Oh...and I meant to say a while ago...

Smartha Dokenfro ROCKS!

Sherrie Petersen said...

I sang the National Anthem in front of an arena full of people before a Phoenix Suns game. I was terrified. But a friend of mine held up a sign that said "Go Sherrie!" and that made me feel so much better =) The Suns liked it too--they invited me back! But that first time was definitely the scariest.

Cuppa Jolie said...


Having worked for the Sonics back in the day, I know what kind of talent it takes to get center court. And serious bravery, girl. Especially if you had a voice like mine! Good thing you don't.

Kim Baker said...

Hmm, I can't think of anything brave. Foolhardy, yes, but those are stories for another contest.
Ben's answer made me giggle.
Good giveaway! I finally read the Hunger Games last month. I think I might pick up CF this weekend. And that Smartha Dokenfro...she's awesome, and officially renamed. :)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Okay, Kim! But if something comes to you.

But now I must have a Most Foolhardy contest...oh yes...I must!

Yat-Yee said...

I already have my copy of Catching Fire, but I'll play, not for the ARC but so that I can remind myself I once did something brave.

I was in a piano competition when I was a piano major in college. There were different categories and I had entered two. In the first one, I completely bombed. Went on stage frazzled by a late bus and pouring rain and a piano that slanted (no kidding!) I played about 64 measures of my Chopin Ballade and drew a mental blank. Counldn't recover so I stood up, bowed, and left the stage. (Yes, bowed.)

Instead of catching the first bus home, I stayed and competed in the second category. Didn't have a memory slip, didn't play my best either, but I didn't let the first event defeat me.

Came in second.

(Joni: I am going for my black belt in about 9 months. I don't think we have that requirement, or at least I hope we don't.)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Yat-Yee - I love that story! Thanks for sharing. And you were brave. Second...woo-hoo! Did that suprise you?

Good luck with your black belt!

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a lot of great braverishish (yeah I made that up) stories! Well, I don't know, trying to think of something...oh i got one. When I was a kid, oh prolly 13 or 14 my bro and I went to Huckleberry Railroad (north of Flint, MI). You get to take a train ride. Well, we were on the train and we got train-jacked! These cowboys came on and said they were robbing the train. And they were going to kidnap the engineer so was anyone brave enough to cough up enough ransom or something? So i yelled "Yeah! Me!" (I was reading a lot of Billy the kid at the time) and I stood up and said "I got something for ya" and drew a bag of peanut M&Ms out of my bag. My younger brother looked at them and skoffed "Yep, were all gonna die." I tossed them to the Head Cowboy dude. He caught them, grinned and said "This here pretty lady jus' saved all yer lives!" and everybody clapped and sitting down shaking, I couldn't believe this nerd actually got up in front of 50 people and saved the day. Ha. Ha. :)

BJW said...

You all make me laugh and cheer with pride. How cool are these stories. Yat-Yee have you ever read A Crooked Kind of Perfect by Linda Urban? Sorta similar and fun piano-related sorta story. Joni is like Batman, facing her darkest fear. Bet she wears a suit and saves people at night too.

JOLIE you worked for the Sonics? How do I not know this? WHAT?

Amy you're my hero. So is Shelley, Kjersten, Sherrie and Kim (Cuz what's more brave than something foolhardy?)

You have some BRAVE followers Jolie. You could probably take over the world or at least childrens' bk publishing with them next to you.

PS we should just start calling her Smartha Dokenfro and not tell her why. Unless she reads this and then we're done for.

Cuppa Jolie said... were such a braverishish kid! Now, did you totally buy into that and think you saved the day...'cause that really is brave! And clever! Peanut M&Ms work every time!

But that a tat on your ankle. Because I have a very small one, and let me just say, "Never again!"

And Ben's right...A Crooked Kind of Perfect (love that cover)!

Ben - Yes, I DID work for the Sonics (best college job EVER) and it was back when they were at their best and taking it to the finals. That's right...I'm cool like that!

I'll have to post about it sometime. We're you at last year's conference when Arthur was a keynoter? I think you were...OR were you LATE and missed the big opening?

Michèle Griskey said...

okay, here's mine. I abandoned all possible high paying job/career offers and moved to an island. I got a job I don't like (it feeds my family) and will not give up on this dream of becoming a writer.

Kim Baker said...

I thought of one. Bravery with a healthy dose of stupidity.

I was just back from living in the U.K., so I headed down to L.A. to visit old friends. I stopped for coffee and heard the guy in front of me order- with a British accent. We struck up a conversation and he asked me to dinner.

He was a stranger, I was away from home, and no one knew where I was. Plus, I'd just started dating a cute fireman. It was time to say "See ya" and hit the road.

I was generally pretty savvy back then, but I took a chance and went with him anyway. The whole time I was thinking how they'd find my body in Griffith Park. We had dinner and clicked. Two months later we were living together, and a year after that we got married. Today's our 9th anniversary, and if I'd gone the cautious route my life would be very different.

I didn't see Joni's post before. Holy cow! I knew about the skydiving, but not the other stuff. Joni FTW.

Yat-Yee said...

I have Crooked Kind of Perfect and my daughter has read it but I haven't. Don't know why. Must get to it now, thanks for the suggestion.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Michele (who will have teach me how to put that lovely little mark above her i)... Jolie stands and applauds!

Kim!!!!! I love that story. It gave me little goosebumps and how appropriate you thought to tell it on this special day. Now, put the kids to bed already and go celebrate with that lucky guy!

Okay, everyone! This has been such a fun Friday night (still 3 hours to go)! I wish Smartha Dokenfro was participating! :)

Kate Higgins said...

Request for Bravery and Serendipity

Tonight, 7 years ago this very night, the Friday night before the Labor Day weekend, I got a call from the trauma hospital in Boise, Idaho. The trauma nurse’s first words were “Your husband asked me to call you.”

I’m glad those were her first words because the next words would have been too must to take without her preface, “Your husband’s been in an accident.”

She said he was in the emergency room and talking and that I should come down as soon as I could. “Drive carefully,” she said “we don’t want you in here too. I took a deep breath, steadied my nerves and made it to the hospital in one piece. It took only 20 minutes but it seemed like hours.

My husband and his buddy were driving back from a fishing trip when a driver feel asleep and ran them off the highway into the dark desert. The Jaws of Life had to remove him from the car. Three life flight helicopters airlifted all three of them out individually. No one died; no one was impaired for life. My husband looked awful but after a complete body MRI the only thing broken was his arm (in 7 pieces). He had a bad case of scrambled brain but nothing else seriously wrong. It was surreal from beginning to the end.

Today my husband went fishing with my soon-to-be son-in-law. It’s the Friday night before Labor Day weekend. It is very dark out right now. When they got home tonight in one piece, I said nothing about the anniversary of the accident. He laughed and joked and talked about his great fishing trip. I listened to his exciting fish stories. I smiled and said all the right things.

I didn’t say one word about the vivid memories that haunted me all this evening or that endless, scary night seven years ago. The knot in my stomach is beginning to untangle as I write this.

Tonight you wanted bravery. Tonight I think the bravest thing I’ve ever done was to keep my demons at bay and let my husband enjoy today’s fishing trip without reminding him of the worst day of our lives together seven years ago.

I kept silent.

Vivian Mahoney said...

I just started reading Catching Fire today!

I'm so impressed with everyone's acts of bravery. Wow! You definitely need to start some type of League.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Kate - Wow! What an amazing, terrifying, and happy-ending story. I'm glad that you could share not only the scary parts but the way new and happier memories are being made on this Friday before Labor Day. Thanks for sharing with us!

Vivian...good stuff, huh!?! (the book and the bravery)

Tara McClendon said...

I have a phobia of snakes--to the point that I scream if I see a picture of one. My brave thing: I let a boa constrictor hug me. It was in third grade and the animal expert needed a volunteer. Nobody else was brave enough, so I held my breath and tried not to scream as a snake that was bigger than me wrapped itself around my tiny body. Still. Have. Nightmares. But the animal expert left feeling validated.

Kate Higgins said...

Thanks for the comment, Jolie. I was really bummed that I typed "must" instead of "much" in one place and didn't go back and change it. Darn.

I've got to tell you all that I listened to "Hunger Games"on CD in my car. I ended up wasting gas and driving about 30 miles further then I needed to, just to finish the book. BTW, the reader for the audio version of the book was fantasic. Can't wait to read or "hear" 'Catching Fire'.

BJW said...

I was at the conference with Arthur, I was his chauffeur afterwards. What a brilliant conference. Where you and Sarah were SO VERY ORGANIZED!

I'm pretty sure I was at the grand opening, but what did I miss? Was it about you and the Sonics? Seems like I would have remembered something important like that. When you were working for them were the BEST years! Gary, Shawn, and the rest. What an awesome job! Then they and the nba sold their souls and moved to OK city. And I am no longer an nba fan (WAS LIFELONG ONE!)

Joni said...

Wow, what a great range of stories. I'd have to vote for Yat-Yee... having had a music performance disaster in my past, I can only imagine what guts it took to get up there the second time.

i, chihuahua said...

I was nineteen, and hanging out with friends in a bar in east jerusalem. the toilet at the bar was gross, so a couple girlfriends and i decided to head down to the public restrooms, rumored to be near the wailing wall.

away from the bar in the ancient street, lit only by dirty residential windows one story above the shuttered shops, we met a man with a gun. he pointed it at us, and ranted about i don't even remember what. a lot of people carry guns in jerusalem, but most of them aren't crazy.

we couldn't run away — we were cornered. we had one choice: to talk him down. somehow we got through the incoherent mess of his mind, convinced him to put his gun away and suggested he keep walking.

as soon as we were clear we ran back to the bar, the safety of a crowd and gross toilet.

Yat-Yee said...

Oh Joni, thanks but in comparison to jumping to (almost)certain death and facing the unknown with a husband, and at the business end of a gun and....I don't think my bravery is all that much!

Kate: I had one of those dreaded phone calls too: "Please come to the hospital, your husband is..." Good ending to that story, I am happy to report, and I don't think it was bravery to got me through that ordeal.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Tara - Do you have the snake phobia becuase you let that Boa wrap itself around you in 3rd grade? 'Cause I think that would cause me to have one. YIKES. Pretty sure I couldn't do it. Yeah...pretty sure.

Kate - I think I'd really like to listen to The Hunger Games, too. Maybe listening to both would help the too long wait until book 3!

Ben - Yes...there was a whole Sonics thing that we opened with! Do you remember the Sasquatch? I will just have to fill you in...perhaps in a future post.

Karen - OMG! I think that's all I can say. I can't even fathom how scary that must have been.

Cuppa Jolie said...