Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Great Revision Flop

Is that a stuffed animal, flung by a child, just waiting to be picked up under my entryway bench? Nope...that would be Luna flopped there taking a brief puppy snooze.

I'm feeling a bit like I'd like to do the same at the moment when it comes to revisions--to just flop in a quiet spot and close my eyes.

I think I remember going through this very thing the last time I started a big revision. It felt a bit overwhelming and I froze up, at least for a short time.

Now, I'm reminding myself that all this thinking time and note taking is writing time, even though at the moment, the actual book isn't progressing (or doesn't feel to be). I'll get there.

I will get there, right?

Oh, yes...yes I will. I may flop. I may even have a tantrum or two. But I will get there.


Jaime Temairik said...

That is one cutiepatootie.

holly cupala said...

You will get there, Jolie! I'm just a little bit ahead and am happy to make the journey with you!