Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Post in Which my Tween Self Emerges Needing Some...Some...

Hmmmm...What does my tween self need? Some validation. Some confidence.

Some more friends! That's what.

'Cause I'm feeling pretty rejected, even though I KNOW I should not, but I kind of do.

Here's why: I've been searching for some old friends from way back in my Montana days. We're talking childhood. Elementary through middle school. So far, I've found four friends (two girls, two boys). I asked if they'd be my friend on Facebook. The girls? YES! The boys?

Well, now you know why I'm feeling like I am. Why does the fact they haven't "friended" me make me feel like a twelve year old again. In a what's-wrong-with-me sort of way. One of them especially. Because (gasp) he was the first boy I ever kissed. *sigh*

He was one of three hot brothers. Did you ever grow up with a family like that around? When there are three male siblings, all hot, kind of like the Baldwin brothers, but cuter? So, when I think back, I think of that (cute boy), which makes me turn into that awkward, self-conscious tween girl that just wants a boy to like her.

So, if those boys won't friend me, maybe you will (if we're not friends already). I think you can do that HERE.


Angie Frazier said...

Oh my goodness, your post brought back some memories! The first boy I ever kissed was from the same kind of pack--triplets! Two boys and one girl, and both boys were soooooo cute. I hope your first kiss guy friends you, but I will go friend you, too!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks, Angie. Both you and Lorraine jumped to my rescue right away! should try and find that boy on fb and see if he'll be your friend. :)

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

if i would - Id friend you twice :)

Wyman Stewart said...

I'm a guy, so I hope I can add something positive to your post. Many guys today may post to Facebook because they have been told this is a way to Network, especially if you lose your job. This could mean a guy is looking only for certain types of "contacts": people in his field, management people, or maybe even sports guys, for both sports and networking.

If a guy is married, he may wish to have no female friends, to keep peace in his marriage, so limits women contacts to relatives. Guys also tend to have short memories on some things, so a guy may recall very few people from his school days, because that's the past or from his old neighborhood(s), again because that is the past.

Although there are many variations on the above list and other valid possibilities, odds are against the person not wishing to add you for any negative reason. In my own case, I have chosen to stay away from Social Networks as long as possible. Not because I would not like to make contact with various people out of my past, but because I perceive more negatives than positives from being in a Social Network. I think we will all eventually be forced into Social Networks, but that's another story for another day.

A year from now, the same fellow may come looking for you, because he simply never got around to adding you. He may be thrilled to have you as a contact. And remember this, your memories truly extend the friendship throughout your lifetime, whether you make contact again or not. Everyone who touches us, permanently changes us, even if only in a small way.

Best of luck to you in finding many many contacts, because I am convinced you are a nice person to know or I would not continue visiting your Blog. I may not always say the right things, but I do appreciate you. Maybe we should tell people we appreciate them more often than we ever do. I think there is too little said about appreciation and there is too little praise for others in this world. I hope daily I find ways to correct this in my own life. Now, SMILE, will you. :-) You will make your day and someone else's day much better.

My apologies for taking up so much time. Sometimes I am silly; sometimes I am serious. Catch ya when I can!!!

StoryForce said...

Hi Jolie-

I'm sure so many of us can relate to your feelings about wanting boys to like us. I sure can.
I actually looked you up today, though, because I know you have lots of connections with Seattle SCBWI people. I'm trying to get the word out today about a library funding bill the legislature is debating this week in Olympia. So important for kids, but also for Children's Writers and Illustrators. Would you mind posting about this, or e-mailing it to people?


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Cuts are proposed to school libraries in every single region of Washington State.


Ask the operator to please tell your Senator, and two Representatives that you appreciate their continued efforts to move basic education legislation forward this session.

Tell them you like House version 2261 because it takes a stand in the right direction — that you don't favor more studies or task forces and, of course, that 2261 includes a state allocation for teacher-librarians and library and technology materials.

This only takes three minutes and you do notneed to know the names of your representatives.

Wednesday, March 25th 8:00 am

The Senate will be taking up HB 2261 AND SB 6048 (Basic Education Funding). If there is one big action you can take, please consider showing up for what will be perhaps the last 'public' opportunity to show that citizens are watching, we care, and we want basic education in Washington State to include libraries and librarians in every school.


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