Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday Moment #9

Love is in the details. Right?

I think that's true when it comes to our stories as well. But that doesn't mean sentence after sentence (or page after page) of description is needed. For me, that's a Zzzz! A Snorer.

This is definitely where quality over quantity comes into play.

Now, you all know we that we have a new puppy. And she's a love. Want to see about the sweetest picture in the world of her? I'm not waiting for a yes or no. Here she is. Sleeping like an angel.

I know! Yummy, huh?

I could write and write about how Luna looks physically. You know, about her creamy little fluffball body with those dark eyes and nose that form a perfect triangle on her sweet face.

But how about a special detail about Luna?

Here's one: Luna's tail is a curly-que that rolls over her back and makes a little valley within her fluff as she wags her tail back and forth.

I love that little dent! It's her happy dent.

So, if love is in the details, what's a small detail your character notices?


Kirby Larson said...


Your prompts always spur me to new thoughts about my characters! Thanks!

Cuppa Jolie said...

Ah, Kirby! That makes my day.