Saturday, February 20, 2010

Chat with an Agent!

Hey all!
The fab Mark McVeigh is having a bit of contest on his blog. You can win a chat with him. Awesome, eh? There's not a lot of time left to try and snag a chat with him, but you have all weekend and Monday, so go for it.

Personally, I point you in Mark's direction, not because I'm trying to get one of 15-minute chats with Mark, but because he's a great and smart guy (not to mention a fab dresser). I think it was five years ago I met Mark when he was still wearing his editor hat and he was on faculty at our SCBWI Western Washington conference (back when I was wearing my regional advisor hat). Any time I've crossed paths with him since, he's always been a pleasure.

So, I steer you there now to become a follower, because I'm certain he'll have amazing info to share.

What are you still doing here. Go THERE now.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jolie! I followed him!! :) There's a typo in your link, though--an extra http. ;)

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks, Laurie.

Mark W. McVeigh said...

Thanks, Jolie! I've had a great response and ma really enjoying talking with writers 9and illustrators too--you guys should join as well!) and think it's important to have an easy, no pressure way to get answers to what's going on in the industry. And talk about your WIP, too.; )
Note to Jolie's readers: she's not only a great writer, she's a blast to hang out with!
All best,

Vacuum Queen said...

OK, I'm a follower.