Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Moment #66: a writing prompt for your work-in-progress

(If you’ve already read this then skip past all the italicized blah-di-blah and start writing.) Monday Moments are writing prompts for your work-in-progress. They are questions that come from my experiences and are my favorite way to find out more about my characters. I find I learn a lot. Some of it I use. Some of it I don’t. But I always, always get to know my character(s) better just by answering the question. I hope you do too. )

I've been quiet this week. I know I have. Especially after a great conference. But it's been for good reason. Promise. I haven't wanted to be a big downer.

It's just hard to share right now. I have all these great photos and I can't even access them.

I sort-of feel like I lost an appendage.

It's my computer. It crashed and burned over the conference weekend. Now I'm relying on an archaic desktop (it often can't even keep up with typing) to get things done and it's frankly not been so great for my mood.

Moody. Yeah, I guess you could say I'm moody, which is so not me (usually!).

It's my computer!!! I know you all understand that.

The good news: I did not lose any of my work. Back things up, friends! It a good, good thing.

I considered having a virtual bake sale to raise funds for a new computer.

But, as you can see, those cupcakes are totally resistible compared to the real thing with their most cake and thick, sweet frosting and sprinkles.

So, as for now, I must learn to function (or tolerate life) without my computer. I will attempt to pull myself from this funk and not pout. and I promise not to whine about it anymore here at Cuppa.

What item does your character have, that if they lost it, would feel like losing an appendage? And why?


kah said...

It sucks when technology fails us. I hope everything gets sorted out soon. Enjoy a yummy cupcake in the meantime.

Bish Denham said...

Bummer! Something like that happened to me a while back. Laptop meltdown. Hope you get back up and running at top speed soon.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Thanks,Karen and Bish!

You know, even though it's only 6 am, that cupcake looks so tasty. If I had one, I'd seriously eat with my morning coffee.

Laura said...

Oh I feel for you. My laptop is so slow and clunky, and I back it up all the time because I just know it's going to die on me. Don't know what I'll do then.

My character is in the process of losing everything that matters - which I think is a good thing from a dramatic perspective. Hard for her though. =)

Hope things look up soon for you - technologically speaking.

Jane Makuch said...
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Jane Makuch said...

I think you deserve to lay on the floor and kick and scream. I never threw tantrums as a child, but as I've gotten older I've thought about it.

You go ahead and be moody all you want, we understand.

Núria Coe said...

Can I join in the tantrum? Maybe we should just have one big collective tantrum, huh? I think it would do wonders.

Martha Brockenbrough said...

Jolie, I have an old laptop that needs to be reformatted, but we might be able to get it running for you. Want me to try?

Beverley BevenFlorez said...

Great writing prompt, but so sorry for your computer loss! I know I'd be going crazy right now if it had happened to me. Thank goodness you backed up your docs.

Cuppa Jolie said...

You all are the BEST! Really! Thanks for your kindness and feeling my pain!

And it always makes my day when a prompt works for you. :)