Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Birthday Weekend

Yes. Mine.

I did exactly what I wanted to all weekend long. (Sort of.) I didn’t let myself worry about what I should be doing. (Some of the time.)

But really, I had a great day, spent with my family, and receiving tons of well-wishes from friends.

I started the day with a workout to prove I’m stronger than I’ve ever been, sporting a heart-shaped bruise on my bicep (a big one) that made me look super tough.

Then a special gift, from a special friend, with a special meaning came in the mail.

Plus, I was surrounded by many of my favorite things. Nothing big or over the top…all simple…the little things that mean more to me than anything else...

My husband, my girlies, and my parents plus these:

Gerbera Daisies, pomegranates (my first of the season), cupcakes, and an all-time favorite angel food cake frosted with seven-minute frosting (I ate at least half that cake, no joke). Plus...

...a favorite meal; salmon on top of lemon/basil spaghetti and baby spinach (with a glass of red wine).

My pomegranates reminded me that I meant to mention something on Friday, but it seems appropriate to say here after turning—eckhem-ty-x. I’m still not of standard mammogram age, but I have had one. And because my birthday falls within Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I’d like to hop on my soap box and say, Girlfriends, you need to check and be checked.

Check your Boobies. I did. And I found something that lead to a mammogram. Thankfully, the something I found turned out to be of no concern. But check them, ladies. Keep your pomegranates healthy.


Wyman Stewart said...

Happy Birthday!!! Believe it or not, it is also my brother's birthday. I think he may be old enough for a mammogram, but it would have to be a MANogram in his case, so he skipped the radiation, but did pig-out.

Yes, women of the world, save yourselves. Maybe someday a simple blood test or some other simple test will not only take you off the frontline as guards against breast cancer, but may lead to even more being saved earlier than are saved today. Until then, please remain alert and err on the side of caution.

holly cupala said...

Happy birthday, Jolie! Looks like you had a wonderful one - I especially love the little cupcakes orbiting your angel food cake. And thanks for the pomegranate reminder.

I finally posted my tag answers!

Annie said...

Great reminder, Jolie! (I'm feeling guilty about being past due!) Happy happy birthday!

Suzanne Young said...

Oh, I'm late! Happy birthday!!

And my boobs are fantastic, thanks for reminding me. hahaha

Hope you're doing great!