Friday, October 24, 2008

We're All In This Together!

Thanks, everyone, for listening to (I mean reading) my writerly tantrum yesterday. Sigh! I feel better today. I do!

I really appreciate all of your support, everyone telling me it' s normal, and that I'd get the revision done. Oh wait. Only Jehsyka did that! Thank you, Jehsyka! (To the rest, I know I'll be hearing from you, letting me know I'm not losing my mind.)

Jehsyka gave me some great advice: "Maybe you should take a break to catch a movie or visit the spa. :D When's the last time you did something like that?"

My answer, I can't remember! The last movie I saw? Hmmm... Oh, yah, I went to the drive-in with the hubby to see Dark Knight and FELL ASLEEP! (That's bad!)

The spa sounds perfect though! Anyone have about five Benjamins on 'em so I can spend the day spa-ing? No? Me neither. Next plan...

Here's what's funny? I've had a plan all week to run to the theater today...something I never do. And what movie is hitting theaters today, making gazillions of young girls squeal and beg their parents to get them to it? Uh, yah! High School Musical 3! It's graduation - wahoo!

Hey! Stop laughing. Seriously. I'm the proud mama of two girls, and after school we're hopping in the mom-mobile (that would be a minivan - oh yah!) with our friends (another mom and daughter) and heading to a nearby town where HSM3 is playing.

I plan to stuff myself with popcorn and Junior Mints (yes, together, at the same time) as I bop to the sounds of those teen superstahhhs!

Spa! Who needs the spa? (Okay, I do!)


Stephanie Perkins said...

AHH! I'm sorry I wasn't there for you yesterday, Jolie! YES. Take a break. When it gets that bad, you definitely need distance. Even one day will make a HUGE difference.

And yeah . . . HSM3? Can I borrow your children for a night so I can see it too? Hee hee. Jarrod and I caught the first one on tv a few months ago. We were all, "Scoff scoff scoff, snort." And then it ended and we realized we had watched the WHOLE THING. And then we promptly watched the sequel.

You are SO CLOSE. I know you can do it. I am cheering for you!

Carrie Harris said...

I need a spa too. But I shall make do with bubble bath and candles this weekend, and I hope you get the chance to do something similar. It's cheapo pseudo spa, but still spa.

Wyman Stewart said...

I am out here reading, just not always a Common-Tator. In fact, I think some of your posts deserve more comments than they get. But, that is coming from the "Eye of a Spud". Yes, I am leaving before I start spuddering more innane lingo, like your posts are a-peeling, since I might sound flakey to you and others. Time to slip outta here.

Laini Taylor said...

Hi Jolie!
Sorry I missed your breakdown yesterday -- I offer belated support. This is probably not widely embraced advice, but breaks can be really good. I think I sort of accept by now that breaks from my manuscript are an essential part of my process. It's like standing back from a painting to get a better perspective on it. I've taken long breaks too, and though that might be a terrible idea in most circumstances, it has in the past been just what I needed, and the book ended up being better for it. But, maybe short breaks are for the best.

You'll get through it! Go, Jolie!!