Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Office Hour Surprises and Last Chance for CYBILS

Just a typical Tuesday. (Or so I thought.) All the morning activities lead one to the next. I make my way to The Vault for Office Hours. Still typical.

Then things start to go slightly off course. I don't get a latte right away. (Not such a big deal.) I settle in and get to work then think, I'll get a drink in a bit. Hey, I'm here for three hours. No rush. Then Debra (the uber cool manager) says she wants me to help with some taste testing. Whoa, Debra. Twist my arm! But she still has coffee tasks to contend with before the taste testing can roll out, so back to work I go.

Tra-lee-la-lee-la...typing...getting the revision done, when suddenly I hear Debra's lovely voice belting out Happy Birthday. I'm thinking, How did she know? But, oh yah. She reads my blog now and again. Then, as she finishing out the song, Debra announces, "Love from Jaime. Here's a card good for ten of your lattes."

What? Ah, shucks. How nice is that? (Thanks again, Jaime.)

To follow that up...bring on the tastin'! Here's visual image of my experience today at The Vault.

Yes, those are all my tasting mugs (from small to large) and my 10 latte card from Jaime. I might have lost a wee bit of work time with all the fun, but it was worth it!

On a different note, tomorrow (October 15) is the last day to make your nominations for the Cybils - the children's and young adult bloggers' literary awards. If any of your favorites haven't been nominated, better get over there lickity-split and get it done.

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