Thursday, October 23, 2008

I've Had It

Please tell me I’m normal. Talk me off the ledge. Tell me I’ll get there.

But I’ve had it. Had it!

Is it wrong for me to want to take a “break” from my novel? It's not, right?

Right now it’s reminding me of times when the kids are fighting, then fighting some more, and I feel the need to get away. You know, have me one of those Calgon moments. Does Calgon even exist anymore? If it doesn’t, it should for noveling needs. “Calgon, take me away. Please. And, Calgon, if you could wrap up this revision for me, too, I’d be oh-so grateful.”

I’m recalling that it wasn’t long ago, Stephanie had a very heated letter correspondence with her novel. Maybe that’s where I am. I think I’ll head over there and give it another read to make me feel better.

Then I’ll return back to the revision, wrap it up, and get it out the door by the end of the month. Right? Please tell that’s what I’ll do. I need some back up here.


Anonymous said...

Ah, I understand compatriot.
Revisions are killing me, and I've yet to consider myself a proffessional writer. What's it gonna be like when I'm in your shoes? Luckily I got the day off tomorrow to tackle my novel.
Maybe you should take a brake to catchy a movie or visit the spa. :D When's the last time you did something like that?
Ha, and that pen pal whatnot Steph and her novel went through...funny stuff. ^_^ She's too halarious.

tone almhjell said...

Here's a big sunday night cup of there, there for you!

Mondays work for me. They're fresh and hopeful and have none of the pressure and disappointment of last Friday, when I found out that I wasn't finishing the chapter this time either, or sunday when I realized that there was no actual writing this week end either.

Mondays, I'm telling you! They're shiny!