Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Blue Moon Ball at SCBWI Conference

I mentioned on Monday (in my Monday Moment) how much I love the pool-side galas at the summer conference. And this year's Blue Moon Ball didn't disappoint! I had my camera ready to catch some of the action, I stuffed myself full of about 4.5 quesadillas and some drinks (just a couple), then danced, danced, danced.

Here's some of the photos form the ball!

The stars came out for the party!

...and the moon made an appearance too! (a few blue ones at that)


So I was ready to join them. Jaime and I were both rockin' the socks. And Martha was rockin'!

I loved Varina Johnson's suit... and Ellen Hopkins.

Hey, I think tall guy/big heart Bill Cochran is checkin' me out. Then, there's me with friend Jill S. Alexander who I interviewed HERE.

Richard Peck and I had a very serious exchange. Then we were happy, happy, happy!

Some out-of-this-world costumes.

I loved Ingrid Law and Co.'s hair pieces and this proud group of Royals.

Some pretty wings and lovely ladies. That's the SCBWI WWA regional advisor team with Elizabeth Law.

Then Austin Powers aka Jay Asher got hold of me. "Oh, behave!"


The sweet and innocent Mary Poppins. And the sassy and naughty (that's for you Suz) Heather, Suzanne, and Amanda.

Time to dance...and what's a party without housing Joni with Jaime?

I decided this contraption would make dancing a bit difficult.

A brief break from the dancing to pose with the wonderful Steve Mooser.

Thanks for the great party, Steve and Lin. Like I said, out-of-this world!


kevan atteberry said...

Sighhhhhhhh! I always have a such a great time at the poolside parties! Looks like you all truly enjoyed yourselves!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Wow, you took a LOT of photos! I did not take enough. Oh well. Guess I'll just have to go again next year to make up for it ;)

Pedro Garcia Millan said...
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