Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday Moment #31

Yes...even while live blogging, I will not miss my Monday Moment. But let me tie it to this wonderful experience, okay?

I love this conference. I love these people. But I have grown as a person so very much since I was a wee one or a young one or a dumb one or a holding-back one.

I say this because there was a time in my life that I held back. I didn't always do the things I wanted to do. I wasn't brave enough. Confident enough. Or even worse, I thought people might laugh.

Do I ever feel that way still? Hell Yeah! But I push through those feelings because I hate missing opportunities and I hate regret.

I love the song I Hope You Dance by Lee Ann Womack. I remember a time I might not dance even though the dance floor called. Yes, I say this both literally and figuratively. For example (the literal kind), the fantastic poolside gala. The first year I was at this conference, I could barely get myself out on the dance floor. Now, I look forward to it for the entire year...because I love to dance. It's the one night a year I throw myself around to a beat (I may or may not be hitting) with friends.

One of the novels I'm working on certainly hits on the theme of missed opportunities. It's something I know, I've felt, and I now attempt to avoid.

How about your characters? What have they missed? Or what did they make sure they didn't?


Dawn Simon said...

So glad you're brave and confident! You should be. I'll be at the summer conference next year, too! Thanks for bringing it home!

BJW said...

I have a number of questions about this pic. First, does Joni have a tattoo? Secondly, what the heck are you guys drinking, blue champagne? And third, is Joni double-fisting it there?

All important questions. And the answers all assure that I missed quite the smash. Dangit.

Love hearing your Monday moment Jolie. Love hearing that you, like many of us, are learning to pursue what you love.

Did you ever see the high school movie Angus?"
In the words of Angus' grampa, "Screw 'em Angus!"

Reesha said...

This was a good reminder for me today (even though it's Tuesday!)

In my book though, I don't think I've thought about it before. While that is not a central theme, I'll have to think about adding it in. There is one character who is unsure of himself in many ways but by the end enters into a role of leadership.

I used to not dance. I know the feeling well. Now I am breathlessly excited over possibilities and opportunities to get into something with passion.

Cuppa Jolie said...

Dawn, will next year be your first LA conference? It's such a blast. I certainly hope I'll be there too!

Reesha, I'm glad it was good reminder! :)

And,! Aren't you inquisitive (as usual)...and boy do I have something coming your way soon. (rubs hands together) Why, yes! I think Joni is double fisting (at least it looks that way to me). And the blue drink was the special at the Blue Moon Ball, a Blue Moon Daquiri. I believe Joni has a tattoo, but I don't want to spread rumors.

Dawn Simon said...


Yes, it will be my first LA conference--though I grew up in LA County, so it's about time! I went to the NY one in 2007 and loved it. I'm definitely hitting LA in 2010! Woo-hoo!

Congrats on the Member of the Year Award! You guys totally deserve it. :)