Friday, September 26, 2008

Kidlitosphere - Part 1

I hopped on a ferry boat this a.m. and headed into a foggy Seattle.

There's something so cool about the Pacific Northwest when it's quiet with fog and the water is still. You might think, hmmm...well...I always knew Seattle was gray...more proof. But, when it's like this, it doesn't feel gray. It's actually feels very peaceful, not heavy.

I suppose you could choose some other options, depending on your mental state. Maybe eery. Or mysterious. Or maybe it just feels like a great day to hit the road (which was my game plan and the reason I was on the ferry in the first place).

Kidlit Blogger Conference here I come!

First, Jaime bought me a latte from her favorite coffee spot. Lucky MEEEEEE! I will have to go back to this place, The Bohemian, and do a Books and Baristas post, because it had great coffee and a super cool atmosphere. Plus their little sugar and milk area was unlike I've ever seen. It even included a jar of chocolate covered coffee beans, free for the taking. Love it!

But, there was no time to stay for a chat. It was time to hit the road. A car full of writers and illustrators and bloggers and soon-to-be bloggers were off. (That would be, Laurie, Deb, Jaime, Kim, Dana, and moi.)

It's not a long trip from Seattle to Portland, but long enough that we decided a pit stop for sweet potato, sweet potato, sweet potato fries AND milkshakes at Burgerville was necessary.

The pit-stop fueled us the rest of the way to P-Town where we were able to mix and mingle over dinner with some of the others arriving for the conference.

Here's proof that four of the six of us in the car actually made it! (4 out of 6 six ain't bad, right?)
Maybe in a future post, I'll show you the ways in which Jaime transformed into a restaurant-vibrating-flashy-thing-that-tells-you-your-tables-ready klepto (road trips tend to bring out a bit-o-naughty).
Now, as I anticipate the conference tomorrow, I'm hoping I don't end up hanging out with a whole lotta people who've been doing this blogging thing for a long time and figure out I'm doing it all WRONG.

I'll let you in Part 2.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you're having an awesome time! You must have some rockin' roommates.

I'm so happy you're blogging!

Anonymous said...

That "Bohemian" place looks like absolute heaven. I really have to check it out the next time I get down to Seattle from my more northern bellinghamsterish haunts.

I spoke to SOMEONE wearing the cuppa jolie tag on Saturday afternoon - if that was you, here's waving hi...

Cuppa Jolie said...

Alma - Either that was me or I have a fan...I'm guessing it was me. The Bohemian is definitely worth a stop. I want to go back.

Anonymous said...

Yay, Burgerville! I miss many things about Portland, but Burgerville is one of the biggest.